Easydex-fiat options


One of the biggest barriers today stopping mass adoption of cryptocurrency is the difficulty of buying cryptocurrency with the traditional currencies.

There seems to be a lack of simple explanations for every man and woman to understand. No-one seems to want to make it ‘easy’.

If it was as simple as going to the supermarket and buying food on your debit or credit card, then more people would definitely be buying, but there seems to be many steps, hoops and loops and acrobatics we must perform before we can get hold of some bitcoin, or whatever crypto is our intended target purchase.

This is also what stops the mass adoption of social media based on the blockchain, as it gets complicated getting cold hard cash from the cryptocurrency earned from creating content or being social or indeed helping people understand the value of keeping hold cryptocurrency in their wallets


Easydex can actually help solve all these issues...

  1. Easydex is the only bitshares exchange that has fiat gateways which means you can easily buy your favorite cryptocurrency with USD or EUR simply.
  2. The founders of Easydex are creating a series of blockchain based social media chains, which means that they will make the whole process simpler and easy to understand. Especially for people who are new to the blockchain scene who have no idea of the possibilities and opportunities.
  3. Easdydex holds regular chats where anyone can ask their cryptocurrency related questions so that they can understand more about cryptocurrency and the wonderful potential it has to enrich all of our lives.

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