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Hi Everyone!
How're You? I hope everyone fine and enjoying their life.

I am new on Golos. My Name is Ali Raza From Pakistan ( A beautiful place with good peoples ).

Still I am a student and working hard for graduation.
I love to study and learning new thing. I always search for new technology, information etc.
Generally I am a website developer. I don't have much experience but I love my passion. I have One website for making web traffic. But due to busy schedule unable to give time for my website.
I like to help peoples. Love to making new friends and I hope I get new friends here.
I don't know how to use Steemit because I am using it first time.
Is it a good community for new users?

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08.03.2019 05:36

@privet Привет, как ты

08.03.2019 05:49