Aurix Exchange Fast Trading, De Fi Cashback (Review)



Hello everyone, my name is Mikhail and today we will talk about the Aurix project. Now users are looking for new opportunities and new directions to realize themselves in trading. And today is just such a project. I want to warn you this is not financial advice.

Aurix Chain is a solid foundation for all the services we offer to our clients: it enables exchanges, allows cashback rewards, ensures smooth payments and purchases. Patented technology is a key competitive strength of our solutions, and we pay the utmost attention to its integrity and compliance with the best international safety standards.

Ecosystem Aurix


The project has its own cryptocurrency exchange with many trading pairs. Such as BTC, ETH LTC and other popular cryptocurrencies.

Own cryptocurrency card with DeFi cashback in the form of cryptocurrency. With this card you can fill at any time. And I don't have an annual commission.

There are also plans to create their own plugins for implementation in other areas for commercial use.

This exchange, I am sure in the future will become very popular, and anyone who will trade will be in complete safety and transparency of the system at the highest level. The big plus is that the exchange is completely decentralized and cannot be regulated, users get the best system for trading. You also get full control over your funds without intermediaries.

Mobile App


Your own application is available, where you can 24/7 have access to the cryptocurrency world and be.
Aurix Exchange provides high liquidity, with fast transactions, so users can quickly react to any changes and buy or sell at a high speed. A mobile application will make these operations convenient.

Coming soon Play Store Apple Store.

What are the advantages of the Aurix project.

Aurix provides complete security of transactions and you can use and trade on the exchange with confidence.



The Aurix project will have its own cryptocurrency card fully complying with all quality standards.
Having a certain number of tokens on the card, you will have access to this or that cashback and access to popular services.
The card will work in the Visa and Mastercard system which is a great achievement.




The team consists of highly qualified specialists in the blockchain industries. Each team member possesses superior qualities.

Majed Mohsen
Founder & Chief Executive Officer




Aurix Token (AUR) is a token used for the functionality of the system,
and has a number of advantages, such as supporting the system, reducing the cost of operations.
The total number of tokens is 20,000,000 AUR. The AUR token is based on the Ethereum ERC-20.

This token is hosted on a resource like Coingecko. As of 03/20/2021, the price of the AUR token is $ 0.65.

The AUR token is listed on one of the largest exchanges. Exchange MXC, on which the daily volume is $ 1,000,000,000 per day.


Exchange MXC

Conclusion, I can say with confidence that this exchange will win many. And the ability to receive cashback in the form of cryptocurrency is very pushing to use it.


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ERC20 Wallet : 0x9496eDE978c60D78DcAa392b046624bbeaAF0777

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