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FINWHALEX: Own Your Future P2P Lending Platform:

The Concept of The FinWhaleX Platform:
FinWhaleX is a P2P credit lending platform that provides access to loans anywhere and anytime. Let’s take a look at how this works. In order to apply for a loan, the borrower must first set the parameters for the loan. These include the amount, interest rate, loan term, etc. Sometimes the company recommends evaluating the parameters of other applications in order to more easily navigate the process and select the most advantageous offers. In addition, there are options for choosing an application for a loan on bail. Two ways can be offered for this. First, you can place an application for secured lending. This method is more attractive. Second, you can transfer the required amount of collateral after the lender accepts the application. The commission for filing a loan application is 0.5% of the amount depending on the loan term.
FinWhaleX is a trading platform with many features that allow users to make smart trading decisions, reduce their costs and maximize their profits from each transaction. The success of each project depends largely on the team. The project team consists of many experts and various Blockchain professionals who have had years of experience in the world of cryptocurrency. They will be able to bring the trading platform to a new level and offer a very reliable and high-speed trading platform for traders.

 You Place a Loan Application:
When creating your loan application, the Borrower set the parameters at its choice (amount, interest rate, period, etc.). We recommend evaluating the parameters of other applications already placed on FinWhaleX - lenders choose the most profitable applications for themselves. You can choose when to secure a loan application with collateral. There are two available ways. On the one hand, you can place the collateralized loan application which is more attractive for creditors. On the other hand, you can transfer the necessary amount of the collateral after the lender accepts your application. When placing the loan application, you need to pay a transaction fee in amount of 0.5% of the loan amount depending on the loan period.
 Lender Accepts Your Loan Application:
All creditors guarantee to fulfill their obligations for the accepted applications. After the lender accepts the application, FinWhaleX will generate a special multisig-address where your collateral (Bitcoins) will be stored until the end of the loan period. Each party owns only one Private Key for the multisig-address. Multisignature (multisig) refers to requiring more than one Private Key to authorize a Bitcoin transaction. It guarantees that no one is able to access the collateral owning just one Private Key.
 You Return The Money Within The Term of The Loan:
After repayment of the loan, you automatically return the deposit to yourself. No one can use your Bitcoins until the loan is repaid - they are frozen in a special wallet. You cannot return the loan, if it is not profitable for you. If the rate of Bitcoin has not risen or fell, then you can refuse to repay the loan. In this case, the collateral simply goes to the lender, and your loan obligations are repaid.

 Liquidity provider
 Simplified the cryptocurrency trading process and made it more profitable for each side of the process.
 Virtual card
 Digital assets are connected to a virtual card in the application, they can be calculated in 40+ million terminals around the world.
 Mobile app
 Work with the platform is carried out via a smartphone without the need to issue paper requests.
 We work around the world
 The platform is not limited to one region, it is available for use in different countries.
 Justification
 Registered in Singapore, obey laws and monitor compliance with international standards to prevent illegal activities.
 Ease of use
 Currency conversion is performed within the platform, enabling borrowers and lenders to use their preferred currency.
a. P2p has great returns. Usually, you get above 7 percent of annual yield and on some platforms, the yields are even above 12 percent. This, compared to other types of investments is very favorable.
b. It's also a passive investment as you don’t have to spend so many hours of your time managing it. With peer-to-peer, you have to do some work at the start to find good platforms but then after that, every other thing is automated.
c. P2p lending is also manageable online. You can open the account, deposit the money, invest and get your returns all at the comfort of your home. Peer-to-peer lending is indeed a great, modern method of investing your money. It's convenient as you don’t even have to spend so many hours managing it. I would highly recommend having peer-to-peer lending as a part of any investment portfolio. Own your future with FinWhaleX.

Token name: FinWhaleX
Symbol: FWX
Type: ERC20
Platform: Ethereum
Token Distribution
56% for sales
17% for teams and advisors
15% reserve
12% Marketing and PR
Token Distribution




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