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In today's world, all transactions in the digital world are conducted using digital currencies. The digital currency appeared almost immediately after the appearance of the first bitcoin in 2009.
Bitcoin has become a kind of guide in the world of cryptocurrency. Thanks to bitcoin, numerous other digital currencies have come to the world of cryptocurrencies

Today, it is probably impossible to imagine a place where cryptocurrencies are not used. Almost anywhere in the world made digital transactions using cryptocurrency.

The process of using a transaction involving cryptocurrencies is more secure, simple; transactions can all be tracked in the blockchain, so it quickly became popular. All transactions carried out in the digital world use blockchain technology that allows you to receive data containing detailed information about transactions. All transaction data is stored in blockchain and can be viewed at any time.

In fact, each user can get this data and use it for their purposes. On the one hand, of course it looks pretty great, the fact that all transactions are transparent and honest, but on the other hand, it puts personal privacy in question. All can track your movements with currencies (transactions).

Confidentiality, when making transactions, is the most important, and the main task for users. Confidentiality of transactions is necessary, because without it the transaction will be visible to all, and it is possible to face some troubles for users.

Security should be present not only when making transactions, but also in the future the effect of it should not disappear. All transactions with digital assets are usually done by users with uncertainty. At first glance, such operations seem doubtful to them, but this is been how the confidentiality of all transactions is created.

Each user must have privacy; this ensures that each asset and transactions will be unknown to third parties. Of course, this is an undoubted plus of cryptocurrencies, especially if it concerns the security of users, when making transactions.

Veil provides a robust platform for maintaining the confidentiality of transactions performed by users.

The Veil team has initiated the creation of a secure digital platform on which to trade cryptocurrencies, and the emphasis on this platform will be directed privacy. The team has the assumption that in the Commission of any transaction, you need to very greatly increase the privacy that what it will lead to increased safety of the user.

The embodiment of privacy in transactions is the work of Zerocoin and RingCT technologies, which are combined into one whole. Zerocoin was first applied Zcoin. This protocol has shown excellent data privacy. Each identifier that is somehow connected with the sender and recipient, as well as the number of assets sent, were not visible. All information is untraceable. In general, all transactions were anonymous in the eyes of the user. The address from which the asset was sent and the address of the recipient of the asset were simply not visible. Such anonymity is implied as a private transaction.

It is also worth noting that the technology RingCT combined with the Zerocoin has excellent benefits from the point of view of privacy and anonymity data is transferred. This feature is directly supported by the use of complex cryptography methods to prevent a wider number of users from accessing transactions that occur within Veil platform.

All the efforts of the VEIL platform team to improve the process of confidentiality of transactions were directed to the creation of an anonymous coin. Use of this coin, when making transactions, guarantees transactions complete security and privacy. Data is generated from each transaction that has been verified, and data will be visible and accessible only to both parties. This will greatly increase security, and protect user from various cyberattack, and strengthen measures to prevent real crimes (scammers).

The features that are available on the Veil platform will cover the flaws that are commonly found on other digital platforms. These platforms give prioritize privacy but do not extend the capabilities of their networks. Veil not only maintains the confidentiality of transactions, but also contributes to the creation of operational and competent operation of transactions.

This system, which is used for the confidentiality of transactions, gives an advantage. This advantage, in turn, leads to quality security through methods that are not commonly used.

For some users, the security of transactions and a high level of privacy have different meanings and circumstances. To restore the normal transaction atmosphere that occurs on other digital platforms, Veil facilitates multi-block transactions that show transparency to users. At the same time, the number of transactions and sent assets is not limited. In Zerocoin technology, the number of transactions is limited to adjustment in accordance with the provisions concerning the calculation and size of transactions.

Good privacy will support the good intentions shown by Veil. Confidentiality of the process will always be maintained. This function will continue in the Veil technology network. All stages of the process are performed independently by this platform without the support of software created by other parties. It also implies that Veil really prefers the very valuable value of privacy on its platform, relying on its own strength to stand up and move forward through leading modern digital platforms.

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