Steemhunt Posting Guide review! How To Create Post On Steemhunt?

# Steemhunt

** What Is Streemhunt? **


Steemhunt is a platform that is based on steem blockchain and was created by @tabris and @peoject7.
Steemhunt is a steembased dapp that was started about 1 year and 5 months ago as a competitor to the

Producthunt. Producthunt is similar as steemhunt as a platform to encourage the hunters to find products which are valuable and helpful to users. As same as Steemhunt! @tabris and @project7 is the team of this hunt platform project @tabris (for development) and @project7 (for design). I think they had worked day and night to make this project successful and still working on their hunt coin listing on exchanges! The project is now successful and they have thousand/lacks of users/hunters. Especially For The great mix of development and design the Steemhunt page looks very nice and the user interface is very easy to use and hunters can browers hunts too easily.Every single post from Steemhunt is also well designed, so you can get all the information from the post/hunt very fast and also the graphics are very well and making it easy to understand every details of hunts.

** Posting Guide **


There are two steps you have to follow to post/hunt unique products successfully on the hunt platform.The steps are:

- Checking product/hunt is unique or not.

- Following The Posting Guidelines .

Checking product/hunt is unique or not.

You can check your products uniqueness with two additional ways.
- Using the search bar.
- Using products Official link.

Search Bar

Suppose you are going to hunt about esteemapp. Simply type eSteem [Product Name] on the search bar same as like the screenshots if the search showed any results about that app/product then its not unique try to find another product.

Products Official link

The another way is use the product link bar first. Past the app/products official link on the product link bar. if it shows the line The product link already exists (Link). It means its already hunted. and leave that product and find another app/product.

** Conclusion **

Before posting/hunting any app/product you have to follow their guidelines that had been given by the Steemhunt team!

#### The Guidelines link is given below!

Steemhunt Posting Guidelines

Steemhunt Discord

** Thank You **

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