Datum ─ a decentralized storage network

Good evening, my dear followers! After a short vacation, I come back to you with another interesting subject, I’m speaking about the data-storage. With each year in the world is produced more than 1 quintillion bytes of data, this amount is increasing with every year. With the actual services for keeping data, customers meet with problems like safe, not-transferred and non-monetized data, decentralized depot and privacy. And today we’ll review Datum ─ a service which allows everyone to store his/her data safe based on smart-contract technologies. This structure was created to eliminate the current problems of the market, where data owners are paid occasionally, didn’t have the security from the theft of customers data due to the brokers that stole personal information from another database and many other nuances.

Datum client:

Datum will present an app, supported by many services as phone devices (available for Android or IOS), desktop version or even a car multimedia. The main function of the app is to permit the user to overview the stored content, his/her token holdings, data approach reports and other options.
The full transparency is another feature of this application. The user is able to choose with whom to distribute his/her data and to track who has accessed his/her content at any time.

An illustrated example of Datum application interface you can find below:

Datum Network is centered on “Know Your Customer” in order to avoid the twin of the information. Every data creator will be able to track who does access his/her data.

Why Datum?

Many of you will ask me why you should choose Datum? And it will be a good question. The answer is because Datum provides several features to both data creators and simple users in comparison with other services.
For users, Datum will provide the opportunities to control the use of data, monetize it and to keep it safe.
For consumers, Datum can propose the direct access to verified information and to eliminate high costs for this by eliminating the data broker, which is a usual phenomenon in other services.
Also, for both of user’s categories, Datum can provide the opportunity to get paid for hosting data or providing power for it.

How does it work?

The complete process of uploading till sharing or selling the data is simple. By using the client soft, the customer can upload information and pay gas for this. Once it is uploaded, the customer and only he can offer a description to all concerned companies. Through the storage nodes, other interested users in that data can send a buy request. The owner of data receives it and can accept or decline the request. After the user accepts this request, he/she receives DAT Tokens, and the buyer his data.


Datum Network aims to revolutionize the nowadays data storage market and to provide to its users an innovative product, which will allow them to secure store or sell their data, ensuring the transparency and safe by using the blockchain technologies. In my opinion, such a solution needs to be implemented to the market and will be useful for many users, including myself too. Before investing, kindly go through the White paper.
I want to thank everyone for being here, reading my blog and sharing with your opinion.

I wish you all to have a nice evening and see you next time in other reviews!



Website: https://datum.org/
Whitepaper: https://datum.org/assets/Datum-WhitePaper.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/datumnetwork
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/datumnetwork/?ref=br_rs

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