Opiria & PData - Decentralized platform for saving your data on Blockchain


In today's world the new technologies are being developed every day. But there are many problems that both users and developers are facing.

Lately people started to get concerned on the use of their personal data without their knowledge. There are many organizations that are monitoring our social networks without our knowledge, stealing our personal information and using it for their own purposes.

The project Opiria intends to solve the problem of transparency by providing a secure market for personal data buying and selling, it will ensure the security of the data , and if desired, will help to sell personal information to interested companies.

Project Information

Opiria has already becoma a successful company, fiat currency is paid to its current users.

Opiria creates a platform that can help to sell your personal information to interested individuals and can provide more correct information for customers of the information, that will eliminate inaccuracies in creating client base. The security of your data is ensured by Blockchain technology. When entering personal data, it is recorded to an anonymous blockchain. You decide yourself what information to provide, this can be done by using the app on IOS and Android platforms, as well as by using web-version.

Appllication Opiria

The project has finished product - the application Opiria. The users can download it, create a profile and share the neccesary information in the form of a survey. Then the company can contact these customers for further surveys.

Users can choose what to provide to Opiria: a wealth of information, including information on wearable devices, eye tracking, location and detailed information on their finance and health condition. However, the project fully controls and ensures security and confidentiality.


  • When giving health information, personal information, shopping information, use of social networks, Internet usage and mobile device data, the user will receive tokens.
  • Possibility to choose what information to provide.
  • The customer database among the famous brands.
  • PDATA token available for platform's payment services.
  • Data security.
  • Has a mobile version of the platform on IOS and Android, as well as offers web version.
  • PDATA Token

Opiria project has a PDATA token that is created on the blockchain ethereum ERC - 220 standard.

General information on PDATA tokens :


Token Type : ERC - 20

Price: 1 PDATA = 0.1000 USD

Total Emission: 750000000 PDATA

Hard Cap: 30,000,000 USD

Cryptocurrencies for investment: ETH , BTC , FIAT


Opiria intends to attract dozens of millions of users over the next few years. This project will allow to realize the value of personal information. Due to the project it will be possible to share with interested parties on paid basis using the tokens of the platform. The goal of the project Opiria will unite consumers and companies around the world and will become a huge decentralized data market. Opiria has already developed apps for iOS and Android. Users will be able to conduct surveys and make money anytime and anywhere.

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