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There is a wide variety of social networks nowadays and of course lots of classifications. Currently social networks are second most popular websites in the world after search engines. Social networks help to find a job, as many people can place their resumes, find people of similar profession and communicate with them. A huge advantage of social networking is virus attack absence. You can easily view photos, videos, download music and have no fear to get virus to your computer or phone. And the main feature of social networks is that a person can see pictures of another person, learn about his/her musical tastes before starting to communicate or continuing the started conversation, which makes interaction more polite and pleasant. A project FORESTING will provide you with not only a distribution platform of social networks, but also with the opportunity to earn.

Project Information

The company Foresting is an innovative platform that engages in global social networks, namely, the system of distribution of social networks. The platform has three components that interact with each other and create a single mechanism of the whole platform: Foresting , Lab Foresting, Foresting Bank. The platform is based on the Blockchain that guarantees safety, speed and seriousness of the project. The project was created to provide service that is clear and simple for all users. Foresting is designed to create a network by distribution of income through intelligent content creation and a thorough assessment of the content of a user. One of the goals of the project is to demonstrate the current coin market in the app in real time. This project provides the ability to track users activity and visits, thus gives an opportunity to be aware of indicators and statistics. Also the platform gives an opportunity to all users to vote, giving right of choice to everyone. That is, the project creates acceptable and much-in-demand content for users. The project is an intermediary for advertisers, and in turn they seek to increase the number of users in order to boost the effectiveness and necessity of advertising. The developers believe that each content type has its own value and the user should be rewarded both for their content and for being in the network. A beta version of the platform will be launched soon. And soon the application will be created and will be available to download.


  • Security
  • Confidentiality
  • User friendly
  • All transactions are protected
  • The opportunity to be rewarded
  • The right to vote for users
  • The ability to view the rankings
  • Mobile application availability
  • Platform can be used as a wallet


Platform: Ethereum

Token type: ERC-20

Token name: PTON

Price: 1 PTON = 0.0089 USD

Tokens for sale : 9 600 000 000 PTON

Tokens total: 24 000 000 000 PTON

Whitepaper Availability : yes

KYC availability: yes


Summing up, it has to be mentioned that the platform definitely has a future, as social networks have become an integral part of many users and it's always essential, and this means that the platform will always be in demand. The Foresting project proves the value of users' content and by payment for the content turns it into the means. The platform is taking into consideration everyone's opinion by voting, which in turn is very important for consumers and shows that the developers plan to have contact with users to improve the platform. Also it is attractive that there is a possibility to receive remuneration for the consumption and delivery of content. A huge advantage is that it is possible to view the information of the current coin market in real time in the app.

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@dizzy1996 An interesting promising project with an actual and popular product. I think that the team should not fail its investors

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