Blockshipping - Global joint container platform on Blockchain


Cargo transportation is one of the most developed businesses nowadays.This business has a lot of details as certain procedures for goods clearance should be done, in this regard, there are a lot of oddities since not all the companies can ensure the safety of your cargo. Special attention should be given to the shipping industry as it is one of the most dangerous . Blockshipping project intends to solve a number of problems that are related to container transportation by means of opportunities provided by them. What does this project include? Blockshipping is a continental platform, designed to exercise control over shipping traffic in the world.

This project intends to solve some of the most important problems in the industry of container transportation nowadays.

Project Information

Blockshipping project is an innovative global container platform. This platform is intended to change the processes in the global container handling and make them more effective. The goal of the project is to improve the efficiency of container handling through automation of processes and systems.

Blockshipping platform is focused on global container industry through its global shared container platform, which aims at a revolution in the transportation of containers. The developers plan to create a registry that includes information on all containers in the world. Blockshipping will allow global industry of container shipping to save a few billion a year due to more reasonable handling of cargo containers.

The main goal of the project is the establishment of general registry of all marine containers worldwide, tracking their location and operators. Also it will allow to control financing. It will allow companies to see if there are any empty containers and if it's possible to to fill in these containers. A minimum time will be spent on signing contracts and transfering documents. In addition, the innovative technology leads to more efficient use of vessels and other transportation vehicles involved in the process.

Also, the project allows all participants in the shipping industry to perform a wide range of transactions, manage all types of transactions. That is, any container can be monitored at a convenient time online and, if necessary, deficiencies can be rectified.

The platform aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 5-6 tons, which is a huge advantah for the environment and ecology. Absorption of CO2 into atmosphere will be reduced, that is the project is also important and necessary for the environment.


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