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The advent of Bitcoin has revolutionized the concept of transactions, information, and security. The new blockchain technology offered a unique way of encryption, which defined a completely new "milestone" in the field of encryption and protection. Of course, blockchain technology was not ideal, and it required changes. Thus, various "generations" in the development of blockchain appeared. At the moment, there are three periods in the reformation of technology:

1) The Invention and launch of Bitcoin. The whole world got acquainted with the blockchain at this stage. It was at this moment that hundreds of talented programmers, who became interested in the new invention, decided to rethink the latest development. One of these programmers was Vitaly Buterin.

2) Development of the second generation of blockchain is connected With this name. Ethereum with its smart contract technology has added mobility and security to the blockchain. The development of the second generation of blockchain and Ethereum has launched the launch of most modern cryptocurrencies.

3) The Third generation is the technology offered by EOS cryptocurrency. They have refined and improved the working methodology of Ethereum. This generation is only gaining momentum.

But already today, enthusiasts from the Seele project assure the whole world that they have developed a new generation of the blockchain. What is Seele-the world's first platform that will work on a completely new technology.

Let's see more than we want to surprise Seele.

Seele is a platform that will run on blockchain version 4.0. The platform and token promise to be several times faster and safer than Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company has plans to take a leading position with the richest functionality in the market of blockchain technologies.

Seele intends to become an ecosystem that has many functions and uses the latest technology:

  • Neural Consensus algorithm-a new Protocol for processing and sorting data in asynchronous request mode. This means that the data will be processed at the same time. A lot of processes that in previous versions of the blockchain were divided into separate stages are now combined into one task. Thanks to this technology, the speed, and productivity of the work increase significantly, and energy consumption is reduced to 40%. Such properties of the new technology will allow introducing Seele into the business system of giant companies. The enhanced security of the Neural Consensus Protocol can guarantee the flawless operation of the Seele even at public facilities of special importance.
    In the technology of Neural Consensus for information processing uses a variety of nodes that communicate with each other at the same time. Due to this, the attackers in case of Seele system hacking should control more than half of the nodes, and this is impossible.
  • Network Tree. The entire network of nodes in Seele is formed into large network bundles, which are called the tree. Each tree is connected to each other and handles different data. One tree can pass processed data to another tree. Interception of data in such a system is impossible.
  • Increased productivity, which will achieve the launch of a million TPS. The tps-scale criterion of block price. With current technology, not everywhere you can analyze a thousand TPS, and the company Seele claims to work with millions of TPS. If such opportunities are really going to be Seele will become the most multi-functional and fast system on the planet.

Pros of the platform

Also, additional functions of the platform are:

  • Seele will set up its system to communicate with older generations of blockchain - Ethereum and EOS.
  • Seele Is open source and all development is done on public GitHub.
  • Now Seele is based on Ethereum technology, after launching the blockchain 4.0, the token will move to its own base.

The problem, which is solved by the platform

  • Improve performance speed of operation, compared with past generations. For example, the transaction time of bitcoin comes to hours and Ethereum to 40 minutes. Seele is planning to produce transactions for 5 minutes.
  • Improvement of blockchain system implementation in the company. Now, many corporations around the world will be able to use blockchain technology to exchange data and money absolutely safely and quickly.

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The Seele project has a number of advantages over its competitors. The technology is more reliable, easy to implement in human life and has attractive conditions for the largest companies. I strongly recommend you to pay attention to this project, because if all the expectations of the company can be realized, it will be a revolution in the world of blockchain!

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The project must solve existing scalability problems and many others.

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The project is just a bomb! Thank you, excellent article, promising platform!

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This blockchain ready to become a leader

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