Industries that specialize in the turnover of precious metals and stones are associated with luxury and wealth, beautiful life and brilliance, but, like any other business, this niche requires certain risks and analytical calculations.

GLITZKOIN is a one-stop project that aims to make all operations in the diamond industry as transparent as possible. There is a perception that the initial evaluation is the dealer, and then his wealth.

The relevance of the problem

The diamond industry has long needed to create a single information system that would exclude the possibility of unfair transactions because in this industry people risk losing a lot of money. To date, there are no analogs and worthy competitors of GLITZKOIN, which would have a better structure, information base and a more open way of doing business within the network. Undoubtedly, the future belongs to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. And the diamond industry, in particular, needs a reliable blockchain ecosystem that would solve all the issues that arise in the field under discussion.


GLITZKOIN is focused on the creation of open and reliable platforms for trading diamonds and other precious stones. The structure of the company assumes full security at each stage of the transaction: at the level of decisions at the conclusion of the contract, the constant monitoring of the goods until its certification, as well as the decentralization of exchangers. The company plans to achieve this success by using the best technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts with machine learning, which will reduce the risks of banking operations. The result of all the planned work will be the ability to independently control and manage the trade of their jewelry

Objectives and goals

GLITZKOIN sets three main tasks, the solution of which will contribute to the achievement of the desired result, which is described in the previous block. The first is to integrate the latest blockchain technology into the diamond network. Due to this, the cost of the costs that were previously used for the transportation of goods will be reduced, and this will increase the recognition of the goods in the market and open up access to it for buyers, make it more widespread. Meanwhile, it will be possible to establish communication between all owners of shares aimed at obtaining benefits through their sale and purchase. The second task is to track and record all operations that are carried out with a particular product. Thus, it will be possible to avoid the loss of a diamond on the way, and it will be possible to store information about this particular stone, its history. And the third task is the idea of decentralization of the entire market platform. This is done in order to reduce the cost of the transaction. And also, this innovation gives the right to each participant of the system to act as a seller or buyer.

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In the system of buying GLITZKOIN are valid cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP) and Stellar (XLM).In total, 999 tokens are involved in the system, 35% of which are for the company, 25% for token sales and 20% for marketing and community. All the coins are classified into four levels: the first one, containing 35 coins worth $0.12, the second level contains 40 coins worth $0.14, the third – 50 at $0.16 and the fourth 120 worth $0.20. In the system, each participant has its own GLITZKOIN wallet, which allows users and developers to see the coin balance, transaction history, and even subscription contracts. The developers, in turn, access is slightly expanded and they have access to information about the accumulated payments.

Advantages of GLITZKOIN

The advantages of the whole system include the following points:

  • storage of confidential information;
  • convenient even for untrained users;
  • network identity and security;
  • storing historical data;

Thus, GLITZKOIN claims to be a leader in the field of such projects, which do not yet have such an organizational structure and clearly defined tasks, which have the potential, ideas and all possibilities.


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