Crypcore-The First dynamic coin in the crypto currency market

People have always been under the impression that cryptocurrencies are scams and useless mainly because they do not have the required knowledge about these digital assets. Another issue that has always limited mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is price volatility. There is a constant fear of losing a lot of your hard-earned money because a certain coin drastically reduced in value.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency and it is also the coin that has faced extreme volatility in price. I remember I had invested in Bitcoin before its first case of extreme price fluctuation which saw me incur great losses. Most of my friends who had invested in the new digital asset with me got frustrated and decided to withdraw from exchanges. As much as the main objective is to ensure mass adoption of cryptocurrencies volatility feature has been hindering that.

When stable coins were created, they helped solve the issue of price volatility but also brought along a new challenge. Stable coins gained traction over time because they attempted to offer the best of both the crypto space and the fiat currency world. People got to enjoy the privacy in payments and instant processing of cryptocurrencies and on the other hand, enjoyed the volatility free stable valuations of fit currencies. The involvement of banking system, however, went against the reasons why people decide to use cryptocurrencies. These banking systems introduced monopolization into the process of transacting in stable coins.

However, the project I am discussing today, Crypcore, is all about providing the world with a unique stable coin which eliminates price volatility and is collateralized by other cryptocurrencies price of Crypcore stable coins will be determined and maintained by a very easy mathematical equation. With Crypcore stable coins, a user will be able to enjoy all the benefits that blockchain technology has to offer without the involvement of banking systems.

The Crypcore blockchain is going to be made up of the Cryptonote protocol and the block explorer and it will have characteristics such as:

🔗 Transaction fees on the Crypcore blockchain are going to be greatly reduced because the user does not have to pay extra banking fees while purchasing or liquidating the stable coins. This makes Crypcore very convenient and price-friendly to any user.

🔗 Secondly, let us talk about the speed of transaction processing which is going to be greatly improved with Crypcore stable coin. This is so due to the elimination of the banking systems which delay transactions with up to three days.

🔗 The third and most important feature of the Crypcore blockchain is decentralization which lacks other stable coins. This means that no organization will have full control over the issuing of stable coins. Instead, the quantity of Crypcore stable coins in circulation will be determined by the emission logic of the Cryptonote protocol which will be viewable by everyone.

🔗 Security is the final characteristic of the Crypcore blockchain because the user will be in full control of their funds without middlemen like banking institutions which tend to have too much control over-issuance and transaction processing of other stable coins.


Check out more about Crypcore from their website and make your entire stable coin transacting processes as secure and decentralized as possible without encountering issues of price volatility.

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