Variety of the forest mushrooms [Part2]

Hello friends!
I saw that among us there are many lovers of wildlife, in particular mushrooms, so I hurried to publish the second part of my collection of mushrooms that I caught while walking in the forest

Seen from below, the mushrooms look like giant canopies of complex construction.

These unique creatures are able to feed, heal, kill, or send you on a psychedelic journey, provided that you understand their varieties and compositions.

Unlike humans, most forest dwellers can accurately determine which mushrooms can be eaten or which can help with illness
...for example this slug)

Wet forests at all times of the year are full of diverse members of this large family.

This mushroom looks like a small fly agaric

And these inedible fungi-balls burst a cloud of dark spores when ripe

If I'm not mistaken, Paul Stamets's hat is made of the same kind of mushrooms!
I recommend to watch this informative interview on YouTube.

And this is more likely not a mushroom, but a mushroom-like organism, but earlier, because of its similarity in sporulation with mushrooms, it was considered a representative of the kingdom of mushrooms!

I remember him in the BBC film: “After death. Mysterious science of decomposition "and experiments that were conducted with this organism

If you know the names of mushrooms in my photos - please write them in the comments

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