Wolf-spider a wandering predator [Entelegynae Lycosidae]

Hello to all nature lovers!

I met a such spider in my garden this autumn.
I was interested in his appearance and behavior.

These spiders have eight eyes in three rows. There are three tiny eyes in front, two big eyes in the second row, and three eyes of medium size behind

Wolf-spider are predators!
They feed on aphids, mosquitoes and flies and their larvae, many spider-wolves eagerly eat eaters and bugs. Spiders hunt on the ground. Often they can be found in the forest litter.

Thanks to good sight and well-developed smell, spider wolves are able to detect a potential victim from a fairly impressive distance of about 30 cm

Representatives of this type of spider build a hole and attack the prey from ambush, the peculiarity of this species is that these spiders do not build the web and use other strategies for catching the prey

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Particularly interesting are the females of this spider, surrounded by their offspring completely...


Zaporozhye / Ukraine
Camera: Nikon_W300

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