Hello! Greetings to all those who care about health, well-being, and safety of lives. There are all sort of sickness in the world we live in today. World Health Organization estimate that there are over 1.4 billion patient all over the world and still counting. We all need safety from sickness and diseases that are prone to our lives. I believe everyone gets sick, maybe not all the time. But how have we been taking care of our lives? Most people will say I go to the pharmacy or clinic. But, what if I tell you that, there is a platform where you can be attended to by doctor and nurses and you can lay any complaint about your health condition and they will prescribe what and how to go about your problem, right in your home and office.

What is Curaizon?

Curaizon is a company that provides support for the patient, and the healthcare provider. They make a sure patient take their drugs as prescribed by their doctors. It's also an ecosystem where a doctor, patient, and researchers can work with one another under one roof (Platform). The platform gives the doctor the ability to study and monitor his/her patients instantaneously. CuraServe technology helps patient and also create a large number of patient data which is then accessed through the CuraData.  

How does Curaizon Works?

Curaizon makes use of three main ecosystems to perform their day-to-day activities on their platform.

  • CuraServe: These ecosystems particularly focus on the patient, by promptly telling their patient to take their medicine as prescribed every day.

  • CuraView: This ecosystem works for the doctor, by allowing the doctor to carefully monitor the patient health and provision of the patient data.

  • CuraData: This particular ecosystem is the main body of all three ecosystems. It is called the storage and collecting ecosystem. It accumulates patient data.

Advantages of Curaizon:

  • They platform serve as a reminder to the patient about their medications.

  • The platform allows researchers to search for data with the availability of token.

  • The platform allows a doctor to monitor and inspect their patient.

  • It allows one on one conversation with patient and doctors.

  • The only way to access the data is with the CuraToken

  • The platform accumulates data about how and when time a patient to use their medications.

  • The curaizon data grows faster when a patient makes use of the CuraServe technology.

Conditions for Distribution of Tokens

ICO terms:

Token for sales: 50%

ICO start date: 8 June 2018

Currency: ETH

Price of Token: 0.20$

Sale Duration: 4 weeks

Stages in which token will be sold and their bonuses:


The success of the Curaizon platform is achieved by the work of geniuses that the teams and leaders of the company have put in place for the development and management of the company. The team is originated in the United Kingdom and also the headquarters is from the UK.

Nicholas James Rumble: He is the CEO of the company and also the CEO of Saxo Bank Asia Pacific. His past work experience has mostly been involved in Investment Banking.

Chris Matey: Chief Operating Officer

Darren Trute: Chief Technology Officer

Andrey Verbitsky: Tokenomics Officer

Luke Lerdal: Chief Data Officer


Curaizon is one of the most amazing platforms for the community and not just the community but for the whole world. The company is a fast-growing company and their main achievement or goal is to take care or carter for the health and well-being of humanity in general. I have kept a positive conclusion on this company and I believe the company will save and protect human from sickness and all kind of diseases.

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