Cryptonia Poker review

Hello, dear readers. Today, I'm going to present one of the most interesting reviews in the world of crypto. This is ICO Cryptonia Poker game project. Now congratulate all the card game lovers with the appearance of the blockchain platform for poker.

About Crytponia Poker

The project combines the clarity and accessability of the platform admixed with the low price of Cryptocurrency, which can be used when playing poker. The official cryptoasset is going to be Cryptonia. Players are presented the opportunity to purchase up to 75% tokens.

The rest goes like this:

• 20% go as a reserve part for advancing the platform as well as holding new tournaments which can be interesting for new players.

• 5% go to promoters, the project chief and as a resource for creating new protocols to raise the price of the ecosystem.

All together, there going to be about 1 billion tokens. At the moment the application for poker-room is completely developed and tested, so you, my readers will probably be able to take part in the ecosystem work soon.

Ecosystem aspects

The whole work of the system is set for the fair-play, the blockchain makes transactions as quick as possible creating random numbers to hold fair and uncomprimising game. As a number randomizer seo-developers used the PRNG technology principle or the random numbers pseudogenerator.

The Monte Carlo method is going to be used as a technical part of the blockchain work. This method uses regular every-day life numbers and blocks unnecessary samples with it. It's an unpredictable method and it doesn't accept any number-events falsifications. By the way, miners are presented to a big actions option, so If they feel the stake price is going to be higher than the award itself, they're allowed to remove all the blockchain suspicious actions easily.

How to solve blockchain troubles

Considering that poker has a certain motivation for a player, the ecosystem has developed a number of actions that are to protect the interests of all the platform participants, in particular:

• Every player and every operator generate the blocks(seeds) by themselves.

• Fractional RNG block-seeds are to be rendered in a randomizer segment.

• Received from PRNG data is to be directed to intellectual smart contracts for rendering.

• All the participants can control the block-seeds in open access, see the actions of players, check the transaction transmission, clear up all the smart contract actions and more.

In this way the PRNG generator is to become the main component of blockchain management.


On the official site I have found the following information:

• 04.18 - launch of all ICO applications.

• 05.18 - ICO Cryptonia start up launch

• 06.18 - launch and listing in Cryptonia Exchange.

• 07.18 - Cryptonia tournament start, launch of the partner programme and release of a better decentralized part of the project for creating a new randomizer.


Here I'll give you a brief Cryptonia tokenmertics:

• Token marker - CTC.

• Available for payments - BTC, LTC, ETH.

• ICO start – 05.01.18.

• ICO end - 06.01.18.

• Number of released tokens - 288765852 CTC.

• Upper Hard cap - 750 thousand CTC.

• Country - Ukraine.


• Lackshay Anand - SEO-chief

• Vivek Jain - co-owner

• Pavel Danilov - rounder (professional poker player)

• Anastasiya Naymushina - Service system

• Alexander Palaramchuk - Bounty office


The venturous sphere goes around a circle for many years not going out the online-service borders. I think that Cryptonia will light up this business and help players feel the tase of luck again. The main advantage of the new platform is fair-play, which cannot be said about other online-services now. Other services are set to make a player lose. You will not see it in the Cryptonia ecosystem - everything's clear, fair and accessible. Moreover you're allowed to check every transaction on your own. It's up to you. I recommend this service for players. Don't forget to create cryptowallets to have benefits from being a Cryptonia participant.

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