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Hello everybody. Today I will introduce you to the Pro Fish project!
Probably, almost every second person went fishing, someone just to relax with friends, and someone has a favorite hobby, without which he can not imagine his life. Personally, I myself also like to leave spinning on a pike in spring and autumn. Agree, one part of people prefer to buy fish in the store, another like the process of catching fish from some reservoir or river. Of course, in almost every city, village or village, there is a certain group of people who are addicted to this wonderful hobby and constantly go fishing, where they can share experiences or simply compete who will catch the most fish. For example, in the USA there is such a group of fishermen who decided to create their own online community, and on the blockchain. And this suggests that everything will be safe, transparent and reliable. And this project is called Pro Fish. Fishermen who are fond of fishing and cryptocurrency, probably happy about this project. Personally, I myself am very pleased that there was such an interesting project. The main goal of this project is to unite the lovers of this hobby, starting with the producers (that is, those who produce all the accessories for fishing are tackles, fishing rods, baits, etc.), ending with the fishing enthusiasts themselves.

What is the Pro Fish project

  1. Online tournaments. The network will be held online sport fishing tournaments. You can take part in these tournaments and win. The winner is the one who caught the most fish. Winners of such online tournaments will receive a reward in the form of FISH tokens. Also, the winners are then placed on the official website, where other fishermen can see in which tournaments they took part, which place they took, also look at the skills and then evaluate them. In addition, this project has a social network where you can create a group, add your friends, acquaintances or people on common interests, communicate with them and share useful information.
  2. Online store. The Pro Fish platform allows registered users (fishermen) to purchase fishing gear from merchants. Fishermen can buy everything for fishing with FISH tokens. You can also sell or exchange your goods with other users of this platform. In general, vendors of fishing gear do not need to spend money on advertising their goods. After all, it will be easy and simple to sell goods on the Pro Fish platform.
  3. The most active users of the platform will be rewarded with FISH tokens. Any user can receive a reward whether you are a participant in the tournament or a seller of fishing goods.
  4. As I wrote in the first paragraph, a social community will be created in which users can communicate, share experiences, discuss which bait fits best for a particular fish or for example, what tackle to choose for a certain type of fish. The advantage is that on the platform you can link your social network accounts, for example, twitter, facebook and instagram.
  5. Low commissions. The commissions will be very small and they are directed to pay for the services of the miners of the Ethereum network.
  6. Secure payments. All transactions are carried out through the network Ethereum, which means it will be possible to track where the funds were sent. ICO Information

Token symbol - FISH
Standard - ERC20
Base - ETH
Total number of tokens - 985,000,000 FISH
The price for one token at the moment is 0.0000005 BTC

I want to note that the FISH token is already filled in on the MERCATOX exchange and is being traded there. If you want to purchase their tokens, you can do it today. I believe that if tokens are traded on the stock exchange, then it says a lot, it means the project is really developing, and does not stand still.

In my opinion, the Pro Fish project is very promising, since the idea is very interesting and unique. Also a big plus is that the token is already being traded on the stock exchange. I think a lot of fishing enthusiasts will want to join this project, which means that he can shoot. I myself will personally observe this project with great interest and wait for its further development. And I also recommend you dear friends to look at the Pro Fish project.


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