Hello dear friends, guests and subscribers, Today i wanna tell you about IOVO.
The Iovo team plans to create a platform that allows each person to manage their personal data - payment information, insurance data and bills, credit history.

Users whose data will be used will be able to fully control their privacy and control the level of access to them. That is, you will know who requested your data and for what purposes, while receiving payment from and for them. The level of payment that will be given to you in the reward of the company, you set yourself. And also, you can simply close access to your information if you don’t want someone to use it, but at the same time you lose the opportunity to monetize this data until you make it available again.

And Iovo will be a decentralized platform in several senses of the word. Apart from the fact that all data will be stored in a multi-level DAG table based on the blockchain, decentralization and democracy will work due to the fact that Iovo will be used only for storing and structuring information, and other dApps created by third-party independent developers will collect it, each of who will have the right to decide for himself what data to collect. And users will also be able to decide for themselves through which application they interact with and through the Iovo system.

Due to the fact that Iovo does not have to worry and think about the information gathering industry, since they transfer this to outsource their partners, Iovo developers can fully concentrate on creating a secure data repository that will be protected from hacker attacks and the so-called double parasitic blockchain attack. .

All this is implemented, as I said above, through the use of DAG technology. The DAG can be called the next evolutionary blockchain technology. The traditional blockchain is linear - each new block follows the previous one in succession. In DAG, each new block can be associated with several other blocks located in the adjacent chain, but also, like in the linear blockchain, cannot change the records of the previous block, which keeps the information intact and eliminates the risk of falsification. To put it simply, the DAG is a non-linear multi-threaded version of the traditional blockchain, as if several chains of blocks that communicate with each other. Information storage based on this technology can be infinitely scaled and expanded, creating unlimited storage space for records.
From all written above, it becomes clear that to realize this idea is quite difficult. The concept (idea) of the project was formed at the beginning of 2017, after which the preparation of documentation began (blank sheet, road map, etc.), the search for specialists, the development of a marketing strategy. At the moment, the project Iovo announced the beginning of the pre-sale of his token on the stock exchanges, to attract investment, which will be used in the development of the project and will help this bold idea come to life.

Along with ISO, the development of alpha versions of the Iovo blockchain. In the middle of 2019, a system of interaction with the applications of partners will be formed, which can then begin development. And at the end of 2019, it is planned to officially launch a multi-threaded DAG from Iovo and begin its integration with applications.

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