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ATAYEN,  Inc is an American company specializing in developing applications for  dedicated for business pages on Facebook and other social networks.  Facebook application developers since 2008, Gauthier Bros and Stephanie  Clement founded ATAYEN, Inc. in 2014 to further develop the marketing  application technology they invented to improve business pages on  Facebook. ATAYEN, Inc.’s Iframe suite of apps allows customers to  establish an effective communication hub using simple tools.

Iframe Suite Of Apps By ATAYEN, INC

  1. Contact Form: Adds a customizable contact form to a Facebook page and automates responses.
  2. Automatic Newsletter: Generates newsletters automatically from Facebook page news feeds and sends them to its contact list.
  3. Iframe Apps: Inserts any internet content (html, webs ite …) into a Facebook page.
  4. Store App: Creates or imports custom stores into a Facebook page for online sales.
  5. Newsletters: Provides a registration form for Facebook pages to faciliate customer contact and communication (emails, phone…).
  6. Coupons App: Create custom coupons to reward Facebook or other social network communities.
  7. Add a Link: Ads custom links that redirect users to specific pages.
  8. Sharing Tools: Allows customization of the appearance of shares on social networks while providing performance statistics (clicks).

Online Advertising

Advertisers  have many tools to publish, quantify and analyze their advertising  campaigns. They can spread their messages through:

  • Brand and co-brand websites
  • Presence on community networks
  • Rich Media Campaigns
  • Content sponsorship, brand content, marketing influencers

A Smart Contract to Govern Advertising Transactions

Thanks  to the SaTT Smart Contract, an advertiser can easily create advertising  campaigns whose conditions for participation and results will be stored  in distributed decentralized records (blockchain). These ads will be  searchable via dedicated APIs. This means tampering with results will be  much more difficult.

A SaTT Smart Contract transaction may only be validated if:

  • The affiliate meets the criteria, age, sex, city, audience.
  • The publisher has relayed the advertising campaign and the defined oracle has returned the result statistics.
  • The “oracles” have returned the information, the transaction is executed and the SaTT amount transferred to the publisher.

Operation Of The SaTT Smart Contract

The  SaTT Smart Contract works in a decentralized and distributed manner.  The blockchain will include all current offers that allow any API or  platform to perform operations, whether creating as part of an  adbuilder, posting to make an ad directory, or as an oracle, for example  by providing the necessary statistics to validate and quantify the  transaction. The advantage of such a Smart Contract is to gather market  offers in a decentralized database, to set the rules that apply to  advertising contracts and to automatically trigger payments once the  transaction is performed.


The  advertiser wants to maximize the penetration of their message. We  provide a simple, fast and powerful tool to identify the best  communication medium, and the best performing potential partners. The  SaTT Smart Contract faciliates the broadcast of advertisements according  performance objectives (e.g. to increase its visibility, to generate  traffic, to generate sales opportunities or to directly make sales). It  can follow the evolution of campaign onthe industry standards, such as  Google Analytics, Instagram or Facebook Analytics through oracle module  connections. Finally, publishers and communities can access exclusive  products and events in exchanges for SaTT. SaTT which it can turn around and reuse for new campaigns!


The  publisher wants to find the most relevant and profitable campaigns and  content for its audience. Thanks to the blockchain, partners can now  guarantee that the campaign is funded and will be paid as soon as the  contract conditions between the partner and the advertiser are met, such  as at the end of a campaign or performance threshold. Once the  objectives are achieved, the Smart Contract automatically triggers the  transaction and the specified funds are transferred directly to its  portfolio net of the commission paid to the oracle modules.


What Is An Oracle Module?

An  oracle is an application between the Smart Contract and a data source  to relay information on the performance of a campaign or process (number  of clicks, number of views, ability to participate, validation of  campaign integrity). When an application connects to Google Analytics  and returns the volume of a publisher’s traffic on the advertiser’s  website at the end of the month to an oracle module, it uses that data  to determine if the conditions of the Smart Contract are fulfilled.  Several oracles may be involved in the process before a Smart Contract  based transaction is approved.

The Idea Of Satt Was Born (Smart Advertising Transaction Token).

The  SaTT is a «token utility» based on blockchain technology that allows  exchange of advertising and audience payment. SaTT is regulated by a  Smart Contract which lists advertising offers with all data held  securely in the Ethereum blockchain. The Smart Contract sets the  conditions for participation in campaigns, quantifies the success, and  guarantees the final renumeration. The Ethereum blockchain is fast,  inexpensive, safe and versatile allowing distribution of rewards on the  internet traffic market more equitable by removing all the constraints  induced by centralized intermediaries. SaTT ICO tokens are issued by an Ethereum Smart Contract to facilitate advertising transactions.If you want to get more about current ICOs then check the ICO list

More information about the SaTT project can be found in the official sources: 


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