Local Coin Swap - Review of ICO


Local  Coin Swap (LCS) is a decentralized exchange that allows buyers and  sellers to trade directly in any crypto currency using any form of  payment. The platform uses a secure escrow system that solves the inherent problems of trust in online P2P trading. LocalCoinSwap  provides a secure, uncomplicated and fast peer to peer (P2P) trading  platform, allowing users to freely share without unnecessary  verification requirements or time-out.

Local Coin Swap is a platform for trading crypto-currencies. Developers from the very start took a course to meet their users and listen carefully to feedback from them. This was the reason for the emergence of all those concepts on which the platform was built. The main thing in the project is a high level of user-friendliness, fast transactional translations, increased security. It  is these factors that all potential users pay close attention to, and  if any of them do not suit them, then most likely they will leave this  project without attention. 


In  2017, the market capitalization of the Crypto currency increased by  3171%, but unfortunately the rate fell sharply, this was provoked by  supporters of the banking system. Many  exchanges restrict registration and expose users and themselves to  fraud and identity theft by sending their personal data (passport,  driver's license). 

At  the moment, there is absolutely no single basic P2P market, which would  allow trading with the currency of the currency on a lot of  crypto-currencies. The emergence of crypto-conversions has created enormous economic and investment opportunities.

Conservative  institutions closed accounts of traders and stock exchanges, spread  false data in mass media sources, thereby instigating panic into the  market, as well as forced to carry out burdensome verification  procedures that violate the confidential data of the whole community. But  the main majority of people are afraid to enter this market due to lack  of patience or technology, long processes and problems with security.
In  order to open a trading account on centralized exchanges, one must  undergo a lot of personality checks, which scares the majority.

In  order to buy one Crypto currency, you need to make several  transactions, which is not at all convenient and not profitable.  (Example: to buy Aion it is necessary to buy for fiat bitcoin, bitcoin  to send to a certain exchange, and there already buy this coin).

Another  problem of centralized exchanges is that they earn billions of dollars a  day, but do not share with investors and their users. Giant  stock exchanges monopolists dominate the crypto currency market, which  contradicts the very fundamental global economic inefficiencies that  blockchain technology has the ability to solve.

The main problems that exist in decentralized and centralized exchanges today:

  • KYC. The need for mandatory passage of full verification (KYC) so that the user could trade without any restrictions. Also introduction of an artificial limit for new users;
  • Restrictions. Different rules of conduct that depend on the location of the user who makes the registration on the exchange;
  • Not intuitive. Not convenience of trading with unfamiliar crypto-currencies in the decentralized structure of the exchange;
  • Way of earning. All previous exchanges with their customers did not share their income. 

 Local Coin Swap project will deal with these and many other problems. 



LocalCoinSwap's  infrastructure will close the issue of concerns about cross-border bank  transfers and burdensome checks, by substituting exchange ownership for  users through the world-wide Cryptoshare system.
LCS  Cryptoshare uses blockchain technology to replicate traditional company  ownership through shares in a more secure and decentralized manner. 

LocalCoinSwap is a return to the most fundamental asset exchange system without using the basic institutions - the P2P trade. By  including P2P trading of all digital currencies, LocalCoinSwap will  return the market to its users, allowing them to directly trade any  crypto currency using any conceivable payment method in any geographic  location. Like the issuance of regular shares and profits distributed through dividends.

LCS Cryptoshares allows all traders on the exchange to acquire ownership on the platform on which they trade. Despite  the simple nature of this concept, LocalCoinSwap is the first ever  exchange implementation where profit is distributed entirely through the  Cryptoshare smart contract system.

LocalCoinSwap issues Cryptoshares, which gives the right to regular redemption dividend tokens. Unlike  the traditional financial organization, the structure of ownership and  dividends LocalCoinSwap is fully placed on Blockchain, providing  publicly controlled and unforeseen accounting statements of the  company's financial indicators. 


The  main advantage of Local Coin Swap is that there is a very large choice  of crypto currency and there is no waste on brokers and that was not the  case with other projects. This project has everything to become a monopolist in this niche. Moreover, the project's tokens also act as shares, which can be read in the whitepaper. You can imagine what benefit will be given to the one who will be their holder.
Stages of interaction of the client with the project that would show how much this site is simple and convenient to use:

  • To  register on the platform you need to go through a simple procedure that  does not take much time without any further action in the future;
  • What  would be the most interesting transaction will take more time than for  registration, this is not due to the fact that there are some errors in  the user interface, but due to a large number of various options through  which the client will find the best;
  • To start trading it is enough to choose the payment option necessary for the user and start making transactions;
  • Local  Coin Swap is a guarantee that any possible fraud by other users will be  stopped so in this regard you can be completely calm and feel  completely safe;
  • After  the receipt of payment in the system, the buyer is credited with an  equal amount of crypto currency and the transaction is completed. 



What exchanges exist at the moment?

Decentralized Exchange. It  does not have a single decision-making center on all issues, it  provides all participants with equal conditions and a platform where  they can trade directly with each other.

Centralized exchange. All  key decisions are made by one governing body (center) and all  participants somehow depend on these decisions and almost never can  affect them. Participants must keep their funds in the purses of the exchange. 




Our project has a token named LCS. The total number that will be released is 100 million of them for sale will only get 70 percent. 

One LCS token will cost $ 0.4.
In  order to firmly stand on their feet, each project based on block  technology should have its own stable token and successfully complete  the ICO.

ICO will be divided into two stages this:

Sale for all.

The minimum amount of money that the project creators are going to collect is $ 500,000. The maximum amount that they plan to collect is $ 20 million.

  • Token Name: LCS
  • Softcap: 500 000 USD
  • Hardcap: 20,000,000 USD
  • Totally released tokens: 100,000,000 LCS


  • Income in the form of dividends. Dividends are given to holders of the exchange's tokens.
  • Cryptoshare  holders make a profit in all the crypto-currencies that are traded on  the exchange, the income stream, nominated through the entire portfolio  of assets.
  • Holders of tokens and users vote for the decision on the exchange
  •  Holders of tokens and users, whether to accept or tokens.

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I  believe that the project is quite promising, since the crypto currency  is more and more interesting for all people, and many newcomers are  already trying to trade on various exchanges, so the platform can  certainly find its target customer. Thank you very much for watching. I hope the information in this article will be interesting and useful. I attach a link to the uniqueness of the text.

Detailed information about the project 

Website: http://www.localcoinswap.com/
Whitepaper: https://www.localcoinswap.com/LocalCoinSwap_whitepaper_v1.0.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/localcoinswap/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/localcoinswap_?lang=en/
Telegram: http://t.me/localcoinswap/
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3009721.0 

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