KryptoPal ICO review

 KryptoPal  is ready to launch a set of tools and resources that developers can use  in their native programming languages to integrate with blockbuster or  create decentralized applications. 

KryptoPal is a  blockbuster platform that can be integrated with many applications  around the world to perform various crypto-currency transactions. They  also strive to be the leader in attracting crypto, blockage and other  new technologies to the global digital market as they develop and grow. 

How it works

KryptoPal  provides developers with a platform for creating the next generation of  the Internet using blocking, crypto-currency and other decentralized  web technologies. 

With the tools and resources  available on the platform, developers can initially create applications,  websites and devices with support for the block without expensive  overhead or years of specialized expertise. 

When  a crypto platform is used for an existing application: the application  instantly connects to the Ethereum block system, the application  connects to other applications on the WAN, application users are given  the opportunity to interact with each other to perform crypto-currency  transactions. 

The  technological solution of the KryptoPal platform allows application  vendors to create new decentralized applications and services. Through  its individual components, this allows existing applications and  services to easily integrate with many new decentralized technologies. 

The  KryptoPal platform can be integrated with any application, browser or  device to integrate the functionality of the blocking system, such as  encryption of transactions, smart contracts, and the reading and storage  of blocking conditions. All this provides a completely new and excellent user interface.

Right now you can see how the demo version of the platform works 


KryptoPal  solves current problems that limit the widespread use of blocking and  crypto currency technologies, creating an all-encompassing platform that  abstracts current market solutions into a single set of tools. Application  providers can configure and integrate this toolkit into existing  applications, rather than force users to accept new applications in  general.

Reducing the barriers for using blockade. The  use and connection of nodes to the blockade within a few minutes,  reducing the costs and resources for the development required for the  implementation of blocking technology.

Solving problems with delay. KryptoPal-Powered  applications can open a revolutionary off-net channel that will use the  advanced uRaiden network (an extension of the Ethereum network) to  provide zero-rate transactions in real time. 

Uniting applications around the world. Providing new connectivity for different applications to interact with each other. This material is a collection of endpoints that are abstracted to use application protocols and run blockchain functions.

Interaction on a smart contract. Any  application based on a smart contract can be integrated into an  existing application by abstracting the connection between the blocking  client and the client, turning it into a decentralized architecture.

Unified identity management. A global and local identification endpoint that allows you to read data from vendor or user registries. This can be used to provide address book functionality or interoperability between applications.

The KryptoPal platform will be integrated with uRaiden, Civic, IPFS and Plasma solutions. It is simple and safe to use. Cross-application integration will provide consumers with access to global transactions. 

The use of the KryptoPal platform:

  • The wallet is the crypto currency in your financial application.
  • Money transfer. Transfer of crypto currency in your financial application.
  • Game applications. Using crypto currency in gaming applications.
  • E-commerce. Online purchases using crypto currency.
  • Mobile applications. Global custom crypto transactions.
  • Web applications. Global Web Transactions.
  • Point of sale POS. Consumer reward.
  • Internet of things. Crypto transactions on IoT. 

ICO details

  • Ticker Token: KPX
  • Total will be issued: 1,000,000,000 KPX
  • Soft cap: $ 4,000,000
  • Hard cap: $ 60,000,000
  • Price of the token on Pre-sale: $ 0.8 


KryptoPal looks very promising. A strong team and an interesting idea. 

If you want to learn more about the KryptoPal project, click on the links below. 





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