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Today,  crypto-currencies are mostly traded on centralized exchanges, where  users are at risk from hackers and stock exchange managers. Decentralized exchanges work slowly and are limited to transactions on the same chain. Also,  separate services are spread across exchanges and there is no exchange  where all the services necessary for normal trading would be provided.

The Beaxy project offers us an integrated decentralized exchange platform for crypto-currencies. Promise  a convenient interface, round-the-clock support for customers, instant  money withdrawals to the currency, low transaction costs, high  transaction volume with high speed (hundreds of thousands of tx / s with  a delay of less than 1 ms), security, mobile application, a variety of  graphing tools, training tools for traders.

Very similar in functionality is the project CoinMetro. And also, like CoinMetro, Beaxy wants to create a product that will help both beginners and experienced traders. And also plans to supplement the application with a platform for creating new ICO (with enhanced verification). That is all in one, where everything is convenient, understandable and fast.

Note,  however, that CoinMetro is not yet at least some working project, the  beta version was planned for March, but now they say that the beta is  released in mid-June, and the token is not yet traded on the exchanges. Therefore,  Beaxy has every chance to overtake and release a truly unique platform,  especially since there is already a working demo version.

What else the project stands out for is a lifetime reward. That  is, if a person came to your link and he performs transactions paying a  transaction fee, you will receive from 10% to 20% of the amount of  these fees.

Also,  the project attracts new users the opportunity to receive discounts for  transaction fees up to 50% using tokens BXY (a token that will be fed  by the system). You  can get a discount in another way: by freezing some of your tokens for a  certain period (at least a month), until the tokens are locked, you  will receive a discount.

Already there is a demo version of the product, you can see it on the project's website. And  now you can invite friends, they will switch to the full version of the  product (along with the reward from their transactions).

Of  the upcoming decentralized trading platforms, there is still  Neonexchange, which is much less functional (there remains a rapid  exchange, the opportunity to enter with a currency, a large volume of  transactions, transactions on complex block chains) and GBX (it also has  the option to create an ICO). Neither project has yet fully released working versions.

The  official launch of Beaxy is planned for the third quarter of 2018 (not  all functions will be included, they will be gradually added until the  end of 2020).

Project Category: Exchange
Source code: not known
Stages of ICO.

The stage of private pre-sale is already underway, now the 5th round, it will last until July 1. The first round began on April 16 with a price of 0.3 USD per token, gradually the price increases (about every 15 days). How many tokens have already been sold so far do not disclose, they promise to say before public sale.

At the moment, the minimum purchase is 15 000 USD, and the price of the token is 0.4 USD.

Public pre-sale will take place on June 15-30, with a token price of 0.5 USD and a minimum contribution of 25 ETN.

The  public sale of the tokens will begin on July 1 and will last until  August 1, 2018, the BXY token with the price at this stage is 0.6 USD  (China and the US do not participate). Hardcap $ 30,000,000, all tokens $ 100 million, of which 60% are for sale. Accepted for payment ETH. The minimum purchase at this stage is 0.1 ETN.

The distribution of tokens and funds from their sale is presented in the figures: 

The project team

In  general, a team without stars, but experienced, many members are  traders (in addition to the main profession), so they understand what  exactly traders need for a quiet, confident trade.


As  a trader, I can say that it is almost impossible to create an interface  that would be convenient for beginners and experienced traders. Especially when there are many (albeit working) tools, for a beginner it's hell. And experienced traders do not really like to change platforms, which are traded.

But,  taking into account the increasing interest in the trade in  crypto-currencies, and consequently, the growing number of traders and  trading volumes (in 2017 they increased 30-fold), as well as the urgency  of the problems the platform solves (speed, volumes, security, currency  , assistance to traders), the project can be quite successful.

Conventional  advantages from the point of view of a potential investor are the low  price of the token, the absence of a minimum threshold for entry, low  hardcards and bonuses at the stage of pre-sale. "For" the project says and working demo version.

The article contains referral links to the project. When registering via this link, platinum status and a 20% bonus on trade commissions of the exchange are granted. 

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