Sprintx is an individual company to help entrepreneurs in the world.

Startups often face the problem of finding funds for their operations. It can stop a good idea and a great team from achieving your dream or true potential. Banks do not want to give out loans to new companies and even if they did, they still need a good credit score in order to get the amount they need.

People tend to abandon their startups before they even reach the stage where they could see where their ideas can go. There has long been a demand for a platform that would provide companies with both old and new tools and recommendations needed to fight the world's Iko. The block industry has not been around for a very long time and there is not much material on how to launch a successful ICO, and there certainly were no platforms that run the business before the successful use of Icos.

This is exactly what SprintX is here, the company is made specifically to help entrepreneurs get ahead in the world. Their goal is to help small businesses or big initiatives with the main idea for promotion is the widespread use of crypto currency using the convenient SwitchX platform. They believe that startups deserve a chance to succeed and that they can get their initial push from the crypto currency.

It was built on the Etherium and it has 3 main aspects: development, transformation and integration. Development means that new companies are being reviewed and contracts and markers are being developed on the Etherium and ICO Released. Integration means that the MBO markers will be integrated in the exchange and the value of the tokens will be determined on the platform. Finally, the conversion means that multi-purse crypto-currency will be created, and it will be combined with start-ups linked by banks.

Start-ups will be taken at the sixteen week of incubation, after which they will choose the tools offered by SprintX and they will be given full recommendations on how to manage and use their own and ICO.

This is useful because people around the world are unlikely to ever move away from the stage of start-ups in development due to lack of funding. But with Ikos it was much easier. Startups can now implement their bold ideas and have a better life. In SprintX gives enterprises complete guidance, step by step with the right tools and the right knowledge.

SprintX will be located in Zug, Switzerland as self-regulating and it will have licenses to conduct various banking functions, such as transferring money from an iban account. The debit card, adaptability to Forks, hot and cold wallets and so on are available. What makes things even easier is SwitchX, which is safe to store coins or use them at any time. All SwitchX features will be available to users at any time and anywhere on their phones, which may come in handy.

All the important information can be found here:

Website: https://sprintx.io
Whitepapper: https://sprintx.io/docs/whitepaper-sprintx-en.pdf

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