REGO - the evolution of real estate

Crypto currency and other block technology technologies can also serve the real estate industry. Access to quality properties, especially such properties that are presented at market prices, is traditionally not available for offshore investors, since information on these properties is usually not transparent. The company aims to take advantage of this kind of technology to find sources of sale to investors from around the world of real estate at below-market prices.

This trading platform will allow investors around the world to quickly and safely carry out the purchase of real estate. Payments can be made for different cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., including project tokens. Its currency is fundamentally created in order to avoid interaction with banks and to offset additional fees and commissions.

The choice of real estate for exhibiting on the platform begins with its lease in the US. The data will be provided by agents and brokers, and then monitored by the REGO command.

Buying and acquiring property after acquisitions involves a lot of red tape, ranging from taxes to documents, so investors face a number of problems because they are actually in a different location. The project acts as an intermediary in resolving such issues, allowing clients to focus exclusively on investments. For those who prefer to invest in real estate through corporations or legal entities, the company offers the possibility of creating a legal entity. All lease contracts, property management and other relevant professional services may be provided prior to closure. REGO also cooperates with suppliers, lawyers, tax agents, contractors, repairmen, etc., which help to simplify the process and make it as convenient as possible for the client.

ICO and tokens REGO

Owners of tokens will be responsible for the effective use of funds as a result of any stage of sales. In the future, these tokens can be exchanged for cash. The platform and its functions will serve as a launching pad that provides technological superiority and use of coins, but the future value of tokens will be determined by overall investment in the project. By 2020, the full implementation of the project and its further evolution are planned.

Tokens are based on clever contracts to eliminate errors and decentralize distribution. The total offer of tokens is 55 million units. 72% of them are allocated to the crowdsale. The cost of one REGO token is 0.000625 ETH or 0.53 dollars at the beginning of sales with additional bonuses. Hard cap is equal to 20 thousand Ethereum.

In general, the sales phase begins on May 1 and will last until July 31. It includes presale since May 14, token sale since June, 15th. The distribution of the tokens will take place on August 1.

The distribution of tokens is as follows: 72% for sales; 18.2% - reserve, 9.8% - advisers' advisers.

Using the proceeds: 40% - search for sources; 20% - reserve; 15% - marketing; 10% - development of costs; 10% - administrative costs; 5% - legal service;

Road map

On the technological development side, in 2018, it was planned: release of the dashboard, release of the White Paper, launch of the crowds dale and all stages of sales, release of the tokens and their distribution, hiring key personnel and a beta version of the platform. In 2019, it is planned to integrate with partners, as well as the ability to work through web pages and on mobile devices. A plus is an attempt to explore potential markets in Asia, Europe and Canada.

A number of measures have also been taken from the property inventory and it is planned to be completed by 2020.

The project team

Summary of the review

Thus, this is the first project that affects the real estate sphere and gives freedom of action to investors who prefer to buy real estate without making great efforts. The platform acts as an intermediary that solves all arising issues, minimizing risks and making the process absolutely transparent and legally "clean". If all this is about you, then REGO, of course, will be a solution to your problems. The stages of sales of tokens will start very soon and will last 2 months. Have time to purchase them at a bonus price. Good luck!






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