Qilimanjaro is a quantum computer accessible to everyone

I welcome all the subscribers of my blog and today I want to tell a very cool thing that will solve a lot of problems in our modern world, namely I want to talk with you about quantum computers.

Well, for starters, let's go back to 2000 years and remember what computers were at that time, they were just big machines that had very little memory capacity of both the hard drive and RAM, and there were very weak processors.

Also I want to share with you for my history closer to 2007. I studied at the lyceum on the specialty of the operator of electronic computers, we were told the whole story about the development of computers.

As everyone knows before, computers were the size of a large room. And the fact that they were about the size of a large room does not say anything about their power. It was a hundred times less than our new computers and laptops that we use in modern life.

After all, it is not a secret for anyone that digital technologies are developing in our time very quickly. And everyone knows that there are quantum computers.

Today I would like to talk with you about a company called Qilimanjato.

This project will be very useful for ordinary people who simply need a powerful virtual computer, and for large businesses that need large quantum computer power. So Qilimanjato is a blockchain platform, with which you can use huge computer power.

Qilimanjaro create a quantum computer and will lease the power of a quantum computer.

Everything will happen using the QBIT token.

By purchasing tokens, you can pay for the lease of quantum power through the Qilimanjaro platform. And through the cloud service we can use a quantum computer.

I think this is a huge breakthrough in the crypto industry market related to the use of virtual quantum computers. The idea of ​​this project will be very much in demand. Qilimanjaro opens doors for people to new unlimited opportunities.

Also behind this project is a powerful team:

All the important information can be found here:

Official website: https://qilimanjaro.io
Twitter: https://twitter.com/qilimanjaro
Github: https://github.com/qilimanjaro-qh
Telegram: https://t.me/qilimanjaro
Whitepaper: https://qilimanjaro.io/static/whitepaper.pdf

Myetherwallet: 0x945A857a0FCcE8870e5B04B8f64824e57B920f19
My bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1135517

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