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To protect their accounts in different network resources, good passwords are most often used. This is the most relevant way, which is used to ensure the protection of their information. Despite the popularity, this method has a drawback. If the password falls into the hands of an attacker, it will gain access to the owner's account. In addition, many users use the same password for multiple accounts. In this case, the situation with the level of security is only exacerbated. As for different passwords with a minimum level of security, they are most susceptible to attack. Even if the user changes the password, his accounts will still be at risk. After all, mailboxes tied to the account often have identical passwords with the main account. The REMME service is designed to solve the listed problems.

The REMME team understands the importance of a high level of security. The team's plans are to create a new access model. If all the goals are achieved, it will already in the near future replace the classic combination of password and login. Instead, a new sophisticated authentication system will be used, which is based on Blockchain technology.

Features of the service
The key goal of the service is to ensure maximum user safety.
REMME is a public-key protocol for a distributed infrastructure. In addition, it has a set of dApps, which is necessary for effective access control. Developers know that in 65% of cases, data theft occurs because of weak passwords.

REMME has a distributed open key infrastructure solution (PKI). Due to it, server malfunction, phishing, and password theft are excluded.

The REM token is designed to manage the various operations occurring within the ecosystem. This list includes the creation of certificates, rewarding, cancellation of the nodes, designed for reliable network protection.

The REMME service will allow full, transparent control, monitoring of the provided certificates. In addition, users no longer have to worry about the fact that they will be provided with "hidden" certificates. Interception, redirection of connections in the system will not be performed. In addition, the service will be based on Blockchain technology. This means that users are guaranteed the unchanged data, transparency of financial transactions. Thanks to this, users of the REMME site will be able to build the most effective, useful relationships with each other.

Special advantages of the system
The following features of the REMME site can be distinguished:
-eliminating the weak links of the chain;
-ability to easily integrate with different techniques of two-factor authentication;
-part of fraudsters in this case are excluded: targets for hacking in this network are missing;
-the system will allow you to track and to verify the process of issuing key certificates;
-the lack of a certification authority: the need exists.Due to effective tools, users can save their own capital and to -----
-provide maximum protection of valuable information.

Participants like the maximum speed of registration. In the process, the user's personal data will be placed in the chain of blocks. Thanks to the use of REMME, you do not have to wait until another block is created or a high commission is paid for speeding up this process. The system uses an unlimited number of accounts (have SSL certificates). The user will be able to select a suitable record and carry out a full work with it.

Initially, this system was subjected to test tests based on Bitcoin blockchain and Emercoin Blockchain. The results showed that the verification of each device takes an average of 30 minutes. This speed can not be called fast. In addition, in this case, the need for paying commissions increases. To increase the speed, the REMME team decided to organize its system (decentralized type).

Since Internet resources play a major role in the life of modern man, I can say that the REMME project will have perspective growth and world-class achievements. The guys from the REMME team created good conditions for the work of beginners and experienced investors. It should be noted that the REMME team successfully conducted the ICO in February 2018, collecting the amount of USD 20,000,000 necessary for the development of the project. This fact indicates that the project team has the confidence of investors, and as is known, in the current conditions of the crypto-currency market it is far from every project to win this trust. All this indicates that in the near future, great changes are expected in the protection and security of personal data. If the project is developed in accordance with the road map, REMME will necessarily be on the first place in the ranking.

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