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Crypto-currencies added to our lives such concepts as the block, the marker, the ICO and many others. His new words were discussed at meetings of experts and politicians, financiers and housewives. A wave of conferences, meetings, speeches, statements dedicated to crypto-currency technologies swept the world. Investing in crypto-currencies did not think that only those who are completely excluded from worldly vanity and do not have access to information channels, on the Internet, television, print media. Day after day there are various projects based on blockchain technology, but with the crypto currency of the world it is a complex and multifaceted system, not everyone can understand all its aspects. Therefore, many potential investors and market participants remain outside these investment opportunities. The same problems can arise not only for potential investors, but also developers of various projects that can not attract the right amount of money to implement the plans. But how to popularize and simplify investments in projects of blockades? The answer will be given to the INVEST project, the goal of which is to simplify investment procedures and promote block-start-ups. They took the best from crypto and fintech, then distill it into a collection of symbiotic services that work in tandem so that users can increase the value of their crypto assets.

INVEST The platform will be a multi-currency payment gateway within the INVEST ecosystem, allowing its users to exchange Fiat money, crypto-currencies, or virtual goods for any liquid assets available on platforms, and quick access to all our products and services.

Crypto ETF Basket
For anyone, it's no secret that early participants of pre-sale can make a profit on average 4x - 5x from the initial investments, and in case of the choice of the right ICO are return can be much higher. Inv Coin can be used for participation in future presales and new ICO projects, allowing the holders of tokens to benefit from the most perspective and popular sales.
The ICO verification and selection process is based on numerous evaluation methods of viability and stability of the companies and also indicators of likely demand and performance of ICO. ICO's trading funds will always be insured with tokens INV to provide protection and liquidity, and users will get preferential access to the most demanded pre-sales and the maximum discounts.

Exchange Investa This is the Service Platform of the Crypto-currency, which provides trade in crypto-currencies and underwriting of the IRS. Exchange INVEST can handle more than one thousand orders per second, making it the world's first exchange of crypto currencies capable of high-frequency trading. Trading fees, unlike the existing stock exchanges, will be only 0.5%, which will maximize the profit of the trader and the liquidity of the market. The exchange of the investor will support a wide range of currencies, which will allow users to choose a fiat currency for deposit or withdrawal of funds. In addition, the exchange provides a round-the-clock online service for timely and high-quality solutions to customer problems.

Investa e-wallet The invista electronic wallet will provide a wide range of crypto currency operations, such as quick confirmation, minimization of risks, as well as convenient and safe storage allowing you to quickly switch between crypto currency and fiat money. Each type of Crypto asset in the e-wallet of Invest it will be stored in a stand-alone multisig wallet. It is planned that 95% of assets will remain offline, and 5% of assets will remain on the Internet purse, which will speed up the withdrawal process.

ATM network of Automata Invest Investa plans to implement a network of ATMs throughout South America and some European countries, and then in the major cities of each country. ATMs are created by the Chinese company BITOCEAN Technology Development, which issued the first self-adjusting bilateral Bitcoin-ATM in China. Each ATM has a simple, convenient interface and will provide customers with access to purchase services, exchange of currencies, crypto-currencies, withdrawal to local Fiat, and access to payments for local utilities (electricity, mobile phone, Internet, etc.). -Invest INVEST e-wallet cards combined with a debit card of the Galaxy Invention will allow freedom to hold crypto-currencies without waiting for an exchange or transfer. All payment history, transfers details, and much more can be seen in the mobile e-wallet application. The Galaxy Invista offers an exclusive membership in the priority Inv to hand over a gold card that will allow the owner to access the global network of 1000+ VIP halls at airports around the world.

INVEST investing offers several programs for token-owners and investors: In all cases, investors will buy invests to be able to make deals. INVING CREDIT This option involves making a profit from a number of preset portfolios, each of which has different characteristics. The owner inv chooses the type of investment and the characteristics of the desired portfolio. You can invest in a simple portfolio of several crypto-currencies, without having to buy each of the crypto-currency separately. The user will receive daily profit based on the relevant investment period and amount. At the end of the investment period, the invested capital is returned to investors. The platform, in turn, will provide round-the-clock access to all trade information on the selected portfolio, as well as a weekly trade report. INV CURNERS This option assumes a percentage of deductions for all holders of markers, INV INVEST in the electronic wallet. Smart contracts will automatically distribute the percentage of deductions to your wallet, based on their balance.

On the launchpad of the launch of Invest, this is the launch accelerator and the consulting center of the IBO is intended for start-ups, teams and entrepreneurs who need to raise capital. On the launchpad, Investa will provide everything you need, from creating markers for their successful sale. The project team created a secure, decentralized services, including exchanges, smart contracts for large ICO and auditing code on demand. The launch will work on the Investa stock exchange, so the cost of listing on major exchanges is reduced in real estate within its own ecosystem. The most important point is a thorough and effective quality control of all approved projects in the launch program.

Businesses Loans Trade financing of entities with a strong credit profile and positive cash flow allows you to obtain a loan in respect of their accounts receivable, income from credit cards and other assets. Credit contract of a smart contract The invest company has several vital functions, such as:
safe storage of pledge throughout all loan term in wholly checked, the ultra-safe architecture of blockchain.
automatic control through specially formulated Investa Enterprise Lending Oracle smart contract for management of pledge blockchain assets.

The INV token is the marker of the smart contract compatible to ERC-223. Owners tokens of this platform will be able to use it for payment of all services on the platform, for example for a subscription to the cryptographic Investa basket which will undertake allocation of tokens from other pre-sales of ICO. Owners of INV will also be able to place tokens in the Enterprise and Launchpad programs, for the financing of small business and other approved borrowers.
In addition to opportunities mentioned above owners will be able to use INV as payment of the forthcoming events in the Investa program, it there can be an annual crypto summit, INV roadshow or the forum mindshare. All information about the planned actions will publish in advance, and INV owners will be able to pay the ticket using the platform token.
Token distribution
Token standard: ERC-223
Abbreviation: INV
Maximum Coin Supply: 50.000.000
SOFT CAP: 1 000 000
HARD CAP: 30 000 000

The founders will be limited in liquidating their investments of more than 20% of the total pool during the first year. It is done to prevent dumping and maintain a stable price for the token.
In conclusion, I want to note that the project has a strong, highly qualified team, which in my opinion will be able to bring the project to the highest level, in the shortest possible time. The team consists of large investors and specialists from various industries who have many years of experience.

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