What is Impressio?
Impressio is a team of specialists from various fields of applied engineering, web development, marketing, advertising and finance.

What is the essence of the Impressio offer?
As part of the ICO development project, Impressio proposes to join investors in order to generate short-term profits with high interest rates, congestions per hour and per day.

How is the income calculated?
The profit comes from a fixed daily exchange rate or at the end of the selected period. For a certain group of investors, you can achieve profits per hour.

Distributed registers and blocking protocols bring unprecedented value to the loyalty program in the future: Impressio Estate, Ltd, is the UK investment platform for crypto currency for users around the world for investment and the growth of your money, whether deposited or phased in at a time. We offer unique investment plans for all types of investors. There are many people who do not know how to start investing in cryptothermics, or simply do not have the time or energy to do it. Impressio takes care of all these needs and goes beyond its investors. Impressio currently focuses on investment opportunities, but is proud to enter the credit sector in 2019.

Impressio platform offers new opportunities for the development of online business and high incomes for all interested parties. 

  • A promising field and sufficient experience in a narrow specialization allow us to maintain a high level of competition and to offer leading positions in the market.
  • Instant withdrawal of winnings All requests from users to withdraw cash are processed immediately and automatically.
  • Maximum data protection The web platform is constantly protected from external threats and is checked daily for malicious code detection.
  • Regular orders Depending on the chosen investment strategy, revenue is accumulated daily, hourly or at the end of the period.
  • Awards of the Impressio association promote online income and give a high reward for attracting investments through referral links or discount coupons.
  • Dedicated server The team develops all functions on a dedicated server of the highest-quality hosting provider.

Distributed registers and protocols of block-books bring unprecedented value to the loyalty program of the future:

  1. Fousersr : Participation in the leading investment / loan project Stable accumulation of income on the basis of the investment program with the possibility of daily / hourly entries. Fast deposit and immediate processing of all withdrawal requests. Comprehensive approach to development programs to encourage active users 24/7 support and a quick solution for every issue you encounter

  2. FOR TRADERS: A unique code that can be adapted to any online platform with a high level of protection. Using automatic payment processing - API - with a low commission. Ability to make mutual arrangements in any liquid crypto or tootone tones Impressio Continuous support and software upgrades by experienced developers High membership fee for local and international promotion Impressio

  3. FOR DEVELOPMENT AND SECURITY OF COMPANIES: Close and mutually beneficial cooperation with the Impressio development team Guaranteed fee for identifying software errors and finding solutions The possibility of professional growth and obtaining the necessary skills in the field of web development

All the important information can be found here:
Official website:
Myetherwallet: 0x945A857a0FCcE8870e5B04B8f64824e57B920f19
My bitcointalk:;u=1135517
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