HexCash is the management system for a decentralized cryptographic fund, where your fund grows under your control. HexCash reduces the gap in reliability that broke out between investors and the fund management program.

HEX HODL is an intelligent token remuneration system based on a smart contract that will reward investors by holding their hex tokens in a public blockbuster. This program is completely controlled by BL blockchainchain technology, there are no human operations in this system. Because of this, it is the safest fund management system.!

Referral Program Anyone can earn free HEXCASH by directing others to invest in HEXCASH. The current referral bonus is 7% of the total amount of referrals. If you have a large network and you are looking for a custom rate, please contact us with your offer.

Double return on investments Investors who invested in the ICO in HEXCASH will receive 200% of their investment during the first 3 months of HEXCASH.

Trade HEXCASH develops decentralized internal exchanges and is ready to make a pair with other Alt coins. Trade HEXCASH on the domestic stock exchange and other foreign exchange will be beneficial for all investors.

HODL Program

What is HexHODL HexHODL is ethereum smart contract based fund management system. Because of that there is very high security and near to zero chances of fraud. Each and every transaction will be visible to public. It is very first system based on ethereum blockchain. Even holding HexCash comes with benefits. With constant market fluctuations we run a parallel BOT Trading Function with your invested fund held on our platform. With more than 100 coins and more than 10 Exchanges, HexCore can bring the thousands of NPP/second which are further classified in real time into 10 degree separations.

Token Sale

HexCash ICO token will be released on Non Contract based crowdsale to support other currencies which will help you to take benefit of your available cryptocurrencies such as BTC,ETH, LTC, XRP etc.

Pre Sale & Crowd Sale

pre– Sale will start on 5th May 2018. It will be live for 7 days and price will be $0.25 per HEX token. During Pre Sale investors can buy HEX tokens at minimum price and take advantage of early stage of investment. After Pre – Sale there will be 6 rounds for Crowd Sale. Every round will be live for 5 days. During Crowd Sale price will be $0.50 to $1.00 till end of ICO. Here is schedule of ICO.



Additional 3% Bonus After Completion Of 4th Week
Additional 5% Bonus After Completion Of 8th Week
Additional 7% Bonus After Completion Of 12th Week
Additional 10% Bonus After Completion Of 21st Week
After Completion Of 21st week there will be additional 2% Bonus every week for all investors.

Developer Team

Our creation team has been in the business for many years. We have spent a considerable amount of our own time and money refining our site, both front and back end and our user interface to ensure we provide you with a working, easy token to use a sustainable product that will be here for the long term. We are more than aware of the scams, the BS, and the likelihood of attempted attacks on our site. Our Dev team for HEXCASH are professionals in the space and have been in the industry for many years, so we know how to overcome this and still provide a working product to our clients.


Dec – 17 Concept Planning & Product Design Of HEXCASH

Jan – 18 Design & Development & Planning Of HEXCASH ICO

Jan – 18 Development of Smartcontract for HEX Tokens

Feb – 18 White Papers of HEXCASH

Feb -18 Development of HEXCASH Ecosystem

Mar – 18 Development of Internal Exchange For HEXCASH

Apr – 18 Branding & Marketing Of HEXCASH

May – 18 Launch Of HEXCASH Pre Sale & ICO

Jun – 18 Launch Of HEXCASH Pre Sale & ICO

Jul – 18 Launch Of Internal Exchange

Aug – 18 Launch Of HEXCASH on External Exchanges

Sep – 18 Launch Of Mobile Apps for HEXCASH

For more info follow these links :

Website : https://www.hexcash.com/

One Pager : https://www.hexcash.com/whitepaper.pdf

Twitter : https://twitter.com/hexcashofficial

Telegram : https://t.me/hexcash

Myetherwallet: 0x945A857a0FCcE8870e5B04B8f64824e57B920f19
My bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1135517

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