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Dear friends of my blog. Today I will tell you about the Expercoin project. We read and think about what is happening.

Expercoin's plan is to create one of the largest decentralized networks of trading platforms. The idea is to "promote learning and create jobs for the digital industry," helping people develop their skills and careers.

Anyone can use the platform, powered by Blockchain and IT, to create specialized communities with marketplaces for the purposes of training, assessment, and jobs. This team has grown out of Experfy, which is a Harvard-incubated company that has an AI-focused community of 30,000 data scientists currently.

sale of coins is planned for the period from June 1 to July 30, 2018.

Token: EXPR tokens

Hard Cap: $26.5 million

Payment Methods: To be advised

Total Cap Size: 2.75 billion EXPR tokens

Technology: Ethereum Blockchain using IPFS protocol and smart contracts (RSK being considered as an alternative Blockchain

Important Dates

Private SaleJune 1 – July 30, 2018

Public Sale Date: August 1, 2018 - TBD

This peer-to-peer network is an extension of the existing Experfy network. Currently, they help Fortune 500 companies to mentor and improve their employees, and also provide experts on a freelance basis as needed. The idea is to enter a protocol and interface that allows any user to create flexible organizations known as Republics. It does not require technical skills to do on this platform, so it can be done by anyone, regardless of whether they have programming skills or not.

Project Use Case
With a look at the Expercoin site andWhite Paper we can see the different parts of this project and how they will work.The first element is the Learning Marketplace.

This is where course trainers can create content to be delivered using AI, and monitor the revenue they generate.

Next, there is a vacancy market. Here, companies and experts can find each other. Another element is Evaluation platforms. Here candidates can receive a personalized training program.

Other parts are equal to equal lending, corporate academy and a mentoring platform.

Expercoin Team

The team that has been working on the Expercoin platform and ICO includes 18 core members and 4 Advisors & Investors.The Co-Founders are Dr. Harpreet Singh and Sarabjot Kaur, who fill the roles of Co-CEO.Both have impressive LinkedIn profiles that show their breadth of knowledge in the areas this project touches.

The Head of AI and Data is Jothi Periasamy.Chief Scientist is Sergio Demian Lerner.Other roles in the team include the following; Senior Manager, Blockchain Innovation Leader, Blockchain Developer, and Business Development.The team members all check out on LinkedIn, with the senior members having credible and relevant backgrounds that are related to the project’s subject.

How the Marker Works

The users will have to bet on the EXPR tokens before publishing the project on the platform. Awards will also be given to users who take part in activities that are platform for progress. They include assistance in developing courses, marketing courses on social media, as well as assistance in developing the evaluation category.

Marker holders will also be able to vote on issues related to the future of the network. In addition, it is expected that Expercoin App Store will offer products such as applications, course content, user interfaces and interactive games.

What Investors

Get Anyone who participates in Expercoin in the early stages can take advantage of the 20% discount available to pre-sale investors. After that, the hope for investors will be that the Platform has such a great success that tokens eventually grow in value. Of course, this is a project that is ambitious in scope and which can be a great success all over the world.

Opportunities and Risks

The possibility of creating a large-scale training and development platform was created thanks to the advent of Blockbunch technology. With their experience in the industry and the introduction of new technology, there is a good chance that the Expercoin project fills the gap that currently exists.

This is perhaps the extremely ambitious scale of these plans, which could eventually separate Expercoin from its rivals. On the other hand, there are also clearly some risks associated with this ICO. For starters, there are other projects that are aimed at doing something like that. One can not ignore the possibility of increasing the traction of a competing network. In the same way, they also cover a number of standard ICO risks, such as regulatory and legal changes in their white book.

The idea that manages this project is solid and worthy of praise. They want to give more people the skills they need in order to improve their job prospects and, ultimately, help the economy.

The network will cover a number of different functions that can ensure its wider acceptance among enterprises and individuals.

The team working on this project is solid, and the fact that they worked together for a long time is a positive aspect, while advisers were well chosen for the ICO.

Some potential investors may find that their documentation is too much leaning toward the technical side of things, and not as detailed as in financial matters. However, the idea behind this ICO is obvious, and there must be a good chance that it will prove successful .


All the important information can be found here:

Official website: https://www.expercoin.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/expercoinm
Facebook : https://web.facebook.com/Expercoin
Blog : https://medium.com/expercoin
Telegram: https://t.me/Expercoin
Whitepaper: https://docsend.com/view/sckraue

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