Cryptosolartech is a new company that invests in solar energy and is currently conducting an initial offering of coins (ICO). The company was formed because of the problem in the crypto-currency industry: it is currently very energy-intensive for mining crypto-currency. Life is crypto-currency, the company says, is directly related to electricity, so it's unfortunate that they have to spend so much energy on their work, and this can cause some problems in the future that could affect their ability to survive and continue to be useful.

Because of these problems, Cryptosolartech decided to come up with a solution: to create a solar photovoltaic pool capable of generating 45,000 kW, which can be used to power a huge mining farm.

Respira Energía will then purchase this energy produced by Cryptosolartech and use it. This company uses only pure energy, and its production is 100% free of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Currently, the company conducts ICO to create its own crypto currency tokens and to receive funds to be used to install 3.000 units of equipment to be used for the crypto currency. The installation will be performed in Seville, Spain. Energy will be sold to Respira Energía and other electric companies. Respira Energía has already signed a 15-year contract with Cryptosolartech.

Tokens will be created using Ethereum technology, these tokens can be used for storage. Owning them, you can make profit with the company when it sells the energy that it will produce and sell on the market. An enterprise can be considered profitable precisely because its production cost is not as high as the use of standard electric energy. Operations should begin in April 2019.

CST tokens will become ERC20 software tokens, which can be purchased by investors who want to earn a share of the company's profits. These dividends will be sent to purses using smart contracts in a secure way. All they need to do is buy the CST tokens, and then hold them. 80% of tokens will be sold during the ICO, 3% - in the marketing team, 2% - for the bounty and 15% - for the team and developers.

The company created 1260 million CST tokens, which will be sold to the ICO. After that, all other tokens will be burned. The initial value of CST tokens will be 1 CST token equal to $ 0.10 EUR. 80% of the funds will be used for the construction of the platform, and 20% for operating and operating expenses.

Sale began on April 16 and will last until July 14. Softap is 983,733 euros, and hardcap is 71,400,000 euros. You can use ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC or fiat currency (EUR) to buy tokens. You can not buy less than 5,000 CST tokens if you decide to participate in the sale.

If you buy CST tokens in the near future, you will pay less than 10 cents or euros for a token.

Character token: CST
home sales: April 16, 2018
End of sale: July 14, 2018
number of tokens: 1260 million
Standard token: ERC20
Soft Cap: 983.733 EUR
Hard Cap: 71.400.000 EUR


TEAM CryptoSolarTech

Let's sum up: Cryptosolartech looks like a good investment. They do not do anything revolutionary, but is it necessary? They offer a good product, and he already has customers. You just finance the company and get your shares later. It's like a good deal. People working in the company have a good career, so it seems that you will not be experiencing greater risks by investing in Cryptosolartech.

Official information of the CryptoSolarTech project:

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