CASPER API - ICO overview

Without a doubt, every person in any way associated with the Internet, it is very important part of modern life. Being constantly on the Internet, the person receives a lot of information, and now there are many ways to store it. In this regard, while only begins brewing problem, which in future can be very significant.

This is a problem of data storage. Looking around, we can see a huge number of devices that generate more and more information. Already in 2000 – ies began to rapidly grow traffic to centralized storage.

CASPER API creates cloud-based storage services. Casper API provides storage of user information by using a smart contract. Using the Ethereum blockchain, it shares files using P2P technology. The saved file has been split into sections for secure storage.

People can earn, giving free space to people who need it to develop Decentralized applications.

The benefits of the CASPER API:

-The encoding of the stored files
-High download files/download rates for peer-to-peer technology
-Sharing files
-Possible data storage prices

Decentralized applications are developed because they are safe and reliable. That's why the information storage platform is based on the blockchain. The principle of data distribution will be based on various providers providing their free disk space and information transfer channels. In addition, the Casper platform will be of interest not only to developers and organizations of DApps, but also to ordinary users who want to store their personal information with a high degree of reliability.


Name of token: Token Casper

Type: ERC20

Symbol: CST

Total number: 440,000,000

Pre-ICO: 13,000,000

Pre-Sale: 183,333,333

Crowd-sale: 61,000,000

Pre-sale: 11.12 — 25.12

ICO: 01.02 — 01.03

Price: 2$

The main conditions for the ICO
● ICO will be conducted on the basis of Ethereum, using a smart contract;

● Issuing or mining of CST tokens after ICO is complete will not be possible;

● If during the ICO period the minimum threshold of the raised financing is not exceeded, then all collected funds will be returned to the senders. In this case, funds raised under the Pre-ICO are not subject to refund.



All the important information can be found here:

Official website:

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