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As is known, Blockchain technology is actively being introduced into various industries. Over the past few years, many companies began to actively apply it in practice. The advantages of blockchain were also appreciated by ordinary users. With its help it is possible to receive new unique opportunities. On the basis of this technology, new applications are created on a daily basis. However, it is necessary to recognize the fact that the number of such programs is quite small, if compared with the classical centralized counterparts. The creators of the Cardstack site are seriously concerned about the problem described above.

Developers Cardstack plan to provide all users in need with a service that solves the issue of availability, as well as the creation and further popularization of decentralized applications. In addition, developers will be able to use a unique list of tools. Thanks to them, it will be possible to create truly useful programs, which in the future will be approved by millions of people.

Features of the project

Cardstack is an SDK that will help in the long run to all users to release various decentralized applications. Through the use of Blockchain technology and a multi-step approach, site developers plan to create a separate generation of useful applications. Due to this approach, the interconnection of applications will be ensured. If users want to purchase a package of applications from a particular creator, the buyer does not have to pay more. After all, programs are interrelated.

The developers plan to ensure the mass character of the project due to a sufficient number of mobile applications. Today they occupy the largest niche in the market. By combining different programs together, specialists will provide a special tool. Currently, no such service can boast of such a proposal. This is advantageous for the Cardstack site.


The ecosystem of the site is designed so that each program owner can monetize them and receive relying bonuses. The unit of calculation in the ecosystem will be CARD tokens (conforming to the ERC-20 standard). Developers will apply smart contracts to establish the platform. Therefore, users can be absolutely sure of the maximum transparency of rewards. Participants in the system, as well as developers, will create a unique community. Thanks to its formation, the world will be presented with an improved market for decentralized applications.

The Cardstack ecosystem includes the following elements:
-Cardstack Framework SDK: tools that will allow specialists to develop different programs (they will be based on Cardstack Hub). This will provide an opportunity to carry out full-fledged interaction. To do this, they will have enough to use these applications. In addition, Cardstack Hub will provide full interoperability of applications;

-Tally protocol: this is a protocol that was developed specifically. With its help within the system, it will be possible to solve tasks of varying complexity (for example, calculation of fees, determination of the number of votes). This protocol ensures maximum efficiency of data processing.

Combining applications is the main goal of the project. To implement it will require a solid base. In this ecosystem, the basis will be the CARD token.

Service Benefits
Each group of participants will assess certain advantages in the process of working at the Cardstack site. For example, end users will be able to combine several cloud and dApps applications if necessary. In addition, they will be offered to work with paper currencies.

As for application developers, they will be able to apply a comprehensive SDK package to build powerful, extensible applications. To perform the highest quality work, developers will have access to the largest libraries. The ability to recover material costs is another important plus.

Conducting ICO
As noted above, the CARD token is necessary for the full operation of the platform. To get additional funds, the developers plan to hold ICO Cardstack. During this period, the sale rate will be as follows: 1 CARD = 0.175 USD. To purchase the CARD crypto currency, the buyer needs to translate the required number of ETH tokens. CARD Holders will receive certain privileges after the completion of the ICO.

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