The crypto-currency market is currently popular among a large proportion of the population of the modern world. The development of this direction of the financial industry also reaches a high level, so new developments and systems are needed to control a large number of digital currencies. In order to avoid confusion in the market of crypto-currencies, exclusion of risks and provision of safe operations, a new Beaxy platform was created.

Beaxy is a project for crypto-exchange operations, which is based on block-technology. In addition to the control and management of personal crypto-active assets, other new opportunities and advantages are opened for users, we will consider them in more detail:

get discounts and rewards in the form of internal tokens;
the use of round-the-clock support via online chat;
guaranteed security in transactions and storage of currency;
high speed data processing;
the decrease in transaction fees for the owners of the token;
bonuses holders of BXY token;
a high level of productivity;
a suitable referral program (10% of the commissions for the exchange of referred users');
the passage of light KYC procedures;
run application for iOS and Android;
sales personal token from the team.

What are the highlights of the ICO in the framework of Beaxy?

The main program that will be held inside the platform is the sale of coins. Consider the ICO in detail:

token name: BXY;
standard: ERC-20;
date pre-sale: June 1, 2018;
public sales date: 15 June 2018;
accepted currencies: ETN;
issue of coins: 100 000 000 BXY;
highlighted on sale: 60 000 000 BXY;
Hard Cap: 30 000 000 USD;
Soft Cap: 5 000 000 USD.

Distribution of funds is planned as follows:

60% is allocated to program participants Crowdfunding;
25% for members of the project team;
15% to the reserve Fund of the company.

An important link in the construction of an effective system is the phased planning of the development of the project. Such regulation has a designation as the "Road map". Let us turn to the details of the map, regarding the date of conception and plans for 2018:

in the third quarter of 2017 had the idea to create the project;
in the fourth quarter of 2017, the team started planning the ICO;
first-quarter 2018 start KYC;
in the second quarter of 2018 will be required and a public sale;
the third quarter of 2018 – official launch Beaxy system and online chat;
for the fourth quarter of 2018 intended improvement of the mechanism of portfolio management scriptaction, intensive work on the integration with Fiat currency.


It can be concluded that the platform is created with very favorable, affordable conditions. Anyone who wants to become a member of the system will be able to use all of its privileges, taking into account the security and transparency of the operations performed. For a detailed introduction to the work and conditions of use of Beaxy, interested persons can study the White Paper. The document was created by the project team and reveals the whole essence of the system.


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