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Welcome my dear readers.I have prepared for you a review of a very interesting project.Have you ever eaten at a restaurant, hotel or cafe that you forgot to bring your money and just pay your Bank card. But you are afraid to steal your account information or pin. Whatever you feel, the cost of services to third parties is too high. To solve this problem, an XRT project was created.
So. What is the XRT?

XRT Foundation is an online payment platform for catering, founded by two young entrepreneurs and enthusiasts "MJ Paul" and "A. kumar". He is committed to working with large companies that operate in the food sector using a cryptocurrency called XRT. This aims to address the payment issues of an important thing that happens in the food industry where coins XRT will be a replacement for "card N cash".
XRT is a decentralized decentralized system based on EREC-20 tokens, created by the XRT Foundation, which operates mainly in the food sector. It aims to improve the digitization of cryptocurrency in the food sector through the application of mobile advanced. Our will be used as a payment method for the hotel and restaurant industry.

Fund XRT works on decentralized platforms. We offer payment gateway for hotel, restaurant, casino, Motel, resort, etc. This makes payments easier and safer. However, XRT coins can be used anytime and anywhere. The use of Xrt Initial Coin Offering (ICO) will allow to use XRT as the best option for trade and marketing

XRT comes with an ambitious vision. In fact, we want to be one of the food chain, the largest in Asia, chip XRT help in this.

XRT has a team of experts involved in various fields of economic and non-economic such as marketing, development, strategic planning, etc.

XRT light coins are available in the original offer, but we have planned a trend of their success in terms of price. We want to make XRT available.

Robust design
We have analyzed the market conditions and successful strategies that are integrated with our project to complete the objectives that are expected.

XRT coins that are easy to use based on the Ethereum Protocol that allows them to start trading without the formality of an additional one.

Is Safe
Because XRT is based on the concept of the Ethereum Blockchain, which makes It more secure than third-party transactions.

This is a point that should interest you in the XRT project:

Risk of theft or information about the subject in the pin
Costs associated with the Bank or a third party are too high
Not having a solution will resolve the issue of convenience of payment by credit card remains to be a cost that is very high though
Always faced with a delay in payment, transactions are sometimes unable to pay the cost in the food industry

So. What is the solution to the XRT problem? This sign is XRT

The XRT token was created to replace the traditional type of payment in the food industry. Change " card N cash payment"
The XRT token will be through the mobile app provided to the customer quickly and safely. Problems with payment card will no longer be. Customers prefer to go to a restaurant or anywhere in the world

How is the XRT project going? Through the mobile app

Our will be used as a payment method in food industry. In each field, the customer always wants a payment gateway that is fast and secure. To overcome this problem, the project development team creates fast and convenient mobile applications that will be available for Android and iOS.

. Steps taken by customers:

Step 1: security algorithms with e-mail verification, authentication, and verification of OTP
Step 2: KYC is required for all users
he is the customer or owner.
Step 3: create an invoice for each trade
Step 4: it can be taken in many countries

Technology Instantsend and the recipient

The funds and the Type of offer and other prizes

Can convert XRT to another currency)

Updates and latest news about tokens in XRT As well as market conditions

The ambitions of the XRT project are ambitions. They step by step make their ambitions and will soon achieve success:

XRT will work with the giant food of 2000+ and associate with it in late 2020. They tried to meet the development goals of the XRT Fund as much as possible and easily received XRT in many restaurants. a bar and a coffee shop / café. In addition, non-food companies will also be served on the XRT platform if they are appropriate or useful for the future development of the XRT Foundation.

Information about the project can be found at:
Web site:



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