Welcome my dear friends . I have prepared for you an overview of the project.We all understand that in today's world the exchange of any information from user to user works as advertising. And especially sharing videos. And each of the entities in the ecosystem of video sharing think about the fact that if I actively rasprostraneniu video data of other users of the network respectively, must get a reward for it. Currently, outdated video sharing sites ignore the needs of their users and do not look to the future. They leave you to be content with what is, and it is banal viewing and exchange. But people, this is not enough, as well as Viewo
Because Viewo is a revolutionary video platform based on blockchain, the desire of which is to reward each VEO member with tokens, taking into account his opinion and needs.
In the future, you can use VEO tokens to pay for your purchase, or to raise the position of your personal videos. Viewo has created a web integrated wallet system for ERC20 tokens, VEO Tokens, that will work with almost all erc20 compatible wallets.
The Viewo wallet will be one of The very first Ethereum wallet systems to support payment channels.

Advantages of Viewo over other video platforms
Viewo works with advertisers to create additional revenue streams.
Viewo produces its own currency and it rewards all participants in its ecosystem.
Network transparency gives you an understanding of what data you share.
Viewo gives you extra income by attracting a wave of new wedges buying VEO tokens to maintain their videos in the top views.
Viewo has no competitors, because It is the only platform with playback without buffer video.
Viewo main events
2nd quarter 2017 the creation of the concept Viewo
1 quarter 2018 start of token sale
2nd quarter 2018 team building
1 quarter 2019 creation of a global network and a basic system
2nd quarter 2019 private beta launch of the product

The distribution of tokens after the launch of the platform

The distribution of tokens Viewo
28% off for sale through crowdsale
51% for ecosystem distribution
11% of employees and shareholders
6% of partners and advisors
4% of the bounty, subcontractors

Viewo Command

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