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STEEL Ecosystem by SISHUB


I welcome you dear investors. Everything is in your hands and profit will not keep you waiting if you look closely at the projects. And so today I want to offer you a promising project.Today I want to discuss what I think is a very promising and powerful project. But first, have you wondered what the future holds for us? Every day there are new discoveries, a thousand new programs are launched, millions of gigabytes of information are processed, wishing or not wishing it, but we are immersed in virtual life. Any purchases, payments are made via the Internet, there are many virtual Bank cards we can easily transfer any information to another continent and much more. Wow! Really? It makes our life easier, gives us more time to enjoy it. And now the next question. How many times have you been virtually attacked by hackers? How many times hacked your e-mail, Bank accounts, broke passwords? Virtuality begins to own you, because you share with her your personal data and information. Scary! Really? But it really is. Now almost all services require to pass verification, send them a bunch of scans of documents to answer security questions. Where's the guarantee it won't all be stolen?
The steel ecosystem is our peace of mind! Its key aspects: privacy, anonymity, security.


What is the steel ecosystem? It is a blockchain system that is designed to securely exchange data, messages and payments.

The steel ecosystem includes:
A decentralized network of Steel. All information exchange will be performed on the basis of a hybrid decentralized Tor-like network, it provides maximum protection against hacking and access to your information
The Sishub blockchain network. The team has developed its own blockchain. This increases the security of the system, since it does not depend on the vulnerabilities of the system Ethereum.
Anonymous messenger Steel. This element of the system will use PGP encryption. At the moment, there are no analogues of this type of encryption in terms of security. This is the maximum protection against hacking and interception of information.
Steel multi-currency wallet. This wallet will be built into the messenger. It will allow you to make payments in different cryptocurrencies.
Decentralized anti-virus Steel. Own anti-virus software will not only prevent the intrusion into the Steel system, but will identify problems and fix them.
API technology Sishub. A partially limited version of the API solution (Medium Version) based on SISHUB servers and a comprehensive version of the API solution (Complex Version) for off-server installation for commercial enterprises.

Well, there are four main advantages of the steel ecosystem:

It is not unimportant that the steel ecosystem covers a diverse audience of participants. It can be used by small business organizations, insurance companies, banks, financial institutions, law firms, government organizations, that is, absolutely all firms that are interested in the safety of their data.

To achieve these goals and to collect the necessary funds for this, the project team will conduct an ICO. ICO is divided into three main stages.
First stage: 20.11.2018-25.11.2018. Token price: 300000 Steel for 1 ETH.
Second stage: 26.11.2018-07.11.2018. Token price: 250,000 Steel per 1 ETH.
Third stage: 08.12.2018-20.01.2019. Token price: 200,000 Steel for 1 ETH.
At the same time, it should be noted that the Pre-sale company has been successfully completed.
Soft cap of the company is 5000 ETH, and Hard cap – 50000 ETH.

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Summing up, I want to say the following: I believe that the steel ecosystem is a breakthrough to a safe future. If you really want to live, make payments, share information and not worry about anything, then this is the solution for you. The project will certainly be successful because the threats from the outside are growing every minute and very soon it will understand everything. Good luck to you and the project team.


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