Good night, my dear readers. Today we will talk about the platform, which was created to support startups and help in the development of new business ideas. I present to your attention SprintX!

The company opens new horizons of the cryptocurrency market with the help of SwitchX, a functional exchange with access to debit cards, the exchange center SprintX, and the infrastructure tool Fundación NOVA. The ecosystem can be divided into three main components: SprintX, SwitchX, Fundación NOVA. Each of the sites has a certain functionality, which is very important.
Let's take a closer look at each of them:

SprintX – Responsible for creating ICO and Smart contracts. Principle of operation:

  • Receiving an application from a startup.
  • Stage a full startup analysis to determine whether the startup will be able to cooperate with NOVA.
  • Launch ICO startup, after performing all the prescribed items.
  • Provision of the developed smart contract, advice, strategy and services for ICO.
    The SprintX project will become a kind of generator for the development of ICO, namely, it will create a crypto currency and place it directly on the exchange. In order to get into this Golden niche, you need to buy platform tokens at the stages of ICO, register in the system, activate your personal account and use the system options.

The technology of the SprintX project is a multifunctional exchange, which can be used by means of a debit card. The functionality of the platform is really extensive: adaptation to Android devices, different wallets, individual approach to participants, ICO development, smart contracts, participation in the currency issue, availability of digital marketing, advisors and experts.
Fundacion NOVA Is a startup incubator. Principle of operation:

  • Perform analysis and legal expertise of each startup.
  • Assessment of the degree of development of each startup.
  • Setting a startup goal to move to the next phase.
  • Stage-by-stage funding of startups based on their progress.
    • Managing the process of establishing a start-up within 16 weeks.

SwitchX – Unique cryptobiotic exchanger. Will provide:
• Exchange cryptanalytic income in the process ICO on Fiat money.
• Will implement automatic implementation of the created tokens into the Exchange for trading.

  • Distribution of profits from the exchange among all token holders.

All objects of this ecosystem will be self-regulating and independent. The work will be carried out through complementarity, and each system will have its own purpose.


The advantages of the platform:

Ability to create Smart Contracts and Blockchain.
absolutely all SprintX users will be able to create executable contracts using blockchain technology.
Automatic integration on Exchange.
When entrepreneurs create their ICO with the SprintX platform, they can automatically include their tokens in the SwitchX, which is an exchange that is in turn part of the platform. This will save the businessman's time and money to make their work easier.
Availability of banking facilities that can be used to convert to Fiat.
Bankers who are a party to the platform will provide the necessary permissions and legal aspects to enable users to use their debit cards to convert cryptocurrency to fiat currency.

Tokens and ICO:
The name of the token: SPTX.
Token according to the standard: ERC20 (Ethereum).
Total tokens issued: 460 000 000 SPTX.
Hard Cap: 227 000 000 SPTX.
The purpose of the collection in the first stage: 50 000 000 SPTX.
PRE ICO: Starts April 23 and ends may 9, 2018.
Main Sale ICO: may 23 - June 23, 2018.

To sum up, I want to say that the platform also has a strong team, which has a huge baggage of experience and knowledge, which is undoubtedly an important element in any ecosystem. And the whole project is aimed at solving important problems in the field of startups and is aimed at helping young business projects.
More information on:
Website: https://sprintx.io/
WP: https://sprintx.io/docs/whitepaper-sprintx-en.pdf
BTT ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2992285.msg32639517#msg32639517
Telegram: https://t.me/sprintXICO
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ICOsprintx
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/icosprintX/about/

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