Welcome, my dear readers. Today I will tell you about a very popular and promising project. In today's world, where communication is a simpler task than speaking out loud, courier services are left with packages. With the age of online shopping, people in order average at least 12 packages per year through various courier services.

Shipit is a community of broadcasters and travelers United by mobile applications that help to send used packages and earn extra money on the go. Shipit is a symbiosis of the best practices and ideas of courier services, crowdsourcing and crowhipping.

The Shipit project intends to correct the error using a concept based on the delivery of packages through travelers and fellow travelers. Create a mobile application that will connect senders and passengers around the world, which will help to find a more cost-effective, fast and reliable solution. And don't forget that it can be a bad addition for tourists.

Shipit company combines the best ideas of courier services, multi-user and multi-user services. This project uses only the best business model to create a service that can make a sensational breakthrough and at the same time has no analogues in the world.

The Shipit project aims to create a platform for Express delivery of packages that will work on the overall economy, delivery and crowd blocking. Shipping and courier services are often unable to send packages directly from point A to point B, so they have to use transit hubs that pose more threats and risks.

How it works?

All very simple friends, to create an ad, we need to take a photo of the product that we want to send, specify where and where the package will go, specify the size and cost of the package and set the price ready to pay for the shipment. After that, the system controls the requirements of the users, with which you can start a dialogue and choose the most appropriate one.


The problem is huge and the solution is small. Platform-driven service operators cause many chaotic situations for delivery. From slow deliveries to lost products, transit travel experiences all sorts of discouragement and unfortunate consequences. The online shopping platform is accused of unfortunate events that caused them to get negative attention and decline in business. With so many complications, is there no way to help us? Are there any options at all except to avoid buying goods with international delivery.


SHIPIT is the name of a project that does not think the same and aims to create a delivery platform that pushes the industry away from all problems. This platform is a powerful blockchain that creates an individual network that agrees to personally send packages to other people when they travel for their own purposes. The delivery service through this platform thus charges a lower amount and eludes customs fees because the packages are disguised as private facilities from the party filing the application. Consumers can choose from a list of people to send their packages and then contact them to track their packages in real-time.

Advantages of the project.

When developing the Shipit project, the developers take into account both the modern way of life and the interests of users, which will motivate users to use Shipit products.

Security to ensure safe and reliable delivery to the platform, there are storage systems, multi-conversion and feedback. Comfort. This is enough to specify the address to see your view, as well as the choice of the person who will send our package.

Simplicity. We will always be able to find out among the millions of people who are near you and who are on the go with your package. I would also like to point out the benefits of using the services for senders and travelers.

For the sender. This service will save on the delivery of packages, as well as get a high level of quality and fast delivery.

For travelers (fellow travelers). For anyone who likes to travel or just keep going, there will be a new way of extra income that will be an interesting bonus and also make the trip more profitable.

Details ICO

The signs used for the smooth functioning of the platform and maintaining motivational participation are known as the SHPT token. The token has a real market value of 1 SHPT = 0,1 USD. The token is the STANDARD erc20 token. The total number of token supply is 200 000 000. The amount of investment required for the soft launch of the project is 500,000 US dollars, and the capital required to implement the dream project is 20,000,000 us dollars.

Road map:

1 - Q4 2017
iOS and Android Pilot.

2 - Q1 2018
Open exam.

3 - Q2 2018
Private sale

4 - Q3, 2018, crypto wallets Integration
Public sale
5 - Q4 2018
Integration of SHPT in
app penetration into Japan and the Philippines.

6 - Q1 2019
Integration of block chain
Implementation of Smart-contract.

7 - Q2 2019
Full humilitate service
Sewage inspection system.

8 - Q3 2019
South Korean market penetration
Integration system predicts the analysis

9 - Q4 2019
Forwarding e-mail.
The penetration of the Chinese market.


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