I welcome you my dear friends.Today I want to tell you about a very promising project.The Libereum project aims to become the missing link between the "real" world and the cryptocurrency world. The value of fans is as intangible as cryptocurrencies, the Libereum team wants to combine these two things. With the expansion of the project Libereum added more clubs. In principle, every person owning Libereum, will receive a stake in each club. The Libereum team believes that combining cryptography with football is the next step in the development of cryptographic and blockchain technologies. With Libereum, the team aims to be the missing link between the "real" world and the cryptographic world. The value of fans is as intangible as cryptography; by combining these two, we create material capital. You could say that the more Libereum the fans have, the higher their share in their club.

Libereum is a blocking project that will initially focus on building a network of users in the sports industry, namely football clubs. The first stage of the mission is to purchase a football club in one of the leading sports units in Europe. The main idea of this company (Libereum) is to create a system that will use the sports background in order to purchase a football club in one of the best European leagues. Of course, this will not be an easy task. The idea is that supporters of the teams that Libereum will buy will start buying tokens from the company, and this will lead to the price of tokens going up over time, which will make it really profitable for people who have invested in the company before.

LIBEREUM token sale

LIBER tokens are already being pre-sold. It will contain a total of 10,000,000 LIBER tokens, which is also a soft cap (and hard cap). It's definitely weird. The company says the money will be enough to buy the club at one of the competitions the company wants and add Libereum to several exchanges.

The price of tokens will be $ 0.60 for each token and the minimum amount of 5,000 LIBER tokens per person with no maximum amount. If you want to buy all tokens that are not sold yet, you can do so.

On the other hand, the LIBERNUM ICO will have different stages to be followed. Each phase will have a limit of 8,000,000 LIBER tokens and the price will increase. It will start at $ 0.90 per token, then $ 1.25, $ 1.70, $ 2.25 and end at $ 3.00. The company plans to start selling in July.

My opinion is project a real success.The project is managed by a team of professionals and I will not be surprised that the tokens will be in high demand in the market. I will follow the project very closely.

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