Technology does not stand still, and are developing very rapidly. With the rapid spread of smartphones, the exchange of personal information has also increased. But the information concentrated in some companies is transformed into a sales strategy through big data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI), which creates added value by displaying certain products and certain advertisements on the Internet.

About the project

The goal of entry is to maximize the convenience of its consumers through an ecosystem built using FINTECH and blockchain technologies in Indonesia's fast-growing online offline market.

Advantages and features:

Each user is rewarded with a login token for compensation and personal information such as age, gender, education level and even for online activities.

Internet companies use the information and activities of individuals on the Internet based on large capital capacities free of charge for profit.

Marketing strategies and advertising that were exclusive to large Internet companies are also available from small sellers.

In this ecosystem, centralized information for large companies is decentralized. In addition, a common ecosystem will be created to promote all individual Internet activities.

About token entry

The entrance for the necessary ANTERIN membership. ANTERIN is a growing company providing premium car and motorcycle delivery service in Indonesia.
You can get an entry for using Anterin services or you can buy it on trading platforms. With getting anterin membership, you also get some benefits, which we'll look at below.

Depending on the level of your membership you get different benefits: return points, travel vouchers. In addition to the Anterin services, refund points can be used for purchases through the online store that is associated with the Anterin app.
If you do not currently have the funds, you will be able to pay in advance and use your membership as collateral. The pre-payment system improves the user experience.
Your membership you can transfer or purchase on the exchange trading platform and therefore it has more transparency when compared to the General membership. All the benefits for users are increased by refund points that users can use to purchase various goods and services.

IDLV is a promising project with a great idea and business bodel, with an excellent and competent team. After all, one of the main factors influencing the success of the project is the team. Therefore, there is no doubt about the success of this project.
After studying this project, I liked the fact that
The entrance has partnered with ANTERIN and customers are awarded with tokens for the use of the services ANTERIN. Each consumer can be rewarded with a token entry for compensation and personal information such as age, gender, education.

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