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My dear reader. So the weekend is approaching , which means that for you I have prepared promising reviews.Are you a type of investor token, you want to buy a token for money. Lots of useful code notifications, gives you access to these great benefits on many platforms. Others-security tokens-are profitable and if you own enough money, you can participate in profits and receive dividends for millions. Even card utilities can of course get value, and eventually you can sell the token to learn more.

By now, you've probably invested in all kinds of blockchain business - fintech, entertainment, projects and data sharing galore, but have you ever invested in an ICO casino?

People buy cards for many reasons. For some, buying an ICO token is a hobby, for others it is a way of life. A number of transaction codes are a smart, diversified portfolio of them with cards from all sorts of blockchain projects. Others are just playing a game of speculation.

Casino Alive is committed to changing the way you view ICO casinos and online gambling in General. The world's first blockchain-VR VR casinos also integrate the tradition of online gaming, finally bringing transparency and accountability to the world of online casinos.

The key to Alive's openness lies in the integration of blockchain, effective media, social media and-perhaps most importantly-your business structure, Africa in the spotlight. The development of the casino will initially be financed by the sale of a security token - the Alive token - distributed in the upcoming ICO.

Below are just a few of the reasons why token Alive-this is the code notices the ICO, you have to buy in 2018.

Token Is Alive

The token can be used: among the main functions of the Alive token, of course, payment. In the early stages of the Fund's operation, who keeps the token alive will be able to send the token along with e-money and other Fiats to start playback. Then the token will be useful when you access the features available only for the exclusive card holder, for example, to the game released earlier, and special events.

Profit is profit! Of the tokens available on the market, token Alive (AL) can only bring the most profit. The fact is that every 3 months 40% of the profits of a live casino will be distributed to those who have a token, the token of them is in the wallet of Hold of Alive.

Since Casino Alive will accept payment with multiple e-money, the distribution of profits will be made according to each type of currency which is appropriate. BTC, ETH, USDT and AL tokens will be distributed quarterly to cardholders.

Real estate is in great demand: tokens are alive, there will always be a high demand on the exchange. And this is because of several reasons other than its usefulness. As a rule, every three months, once the engineering code for internal notification of living will burn 5% of the total code AL which houses earn every quarter, a decline code of the delivery notice.

Also, Alive Casino intends to use the Analytics of the e-money market, people will observe the market and create strategies for converting the profits of AL token of fiat, paying attention to the fact that the token price does not suffer negatively.

Blockchain network you can trust: token Alive will become an ERC20 token and will be built on all the advantages, security and utility of the Ethereum network. They can be stored on any wallet that can store an ERC20 card and can be easily exchanged via P2P or exchange.

There will be a total offer of b AL cards, with 70% sold in the Token sales stage various. As you can see, there are many reasons to join - but investing early is also completely worth the price. Employees of the sales Department of private monopoly will receive a 15% bonus in ETH. In addition, all participants will also have the opportunity to participate in the Lucky Vive VR Headset Lucky Draw program. The casino Alive wins it all!
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