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Good evening, dear friends. Today I will talk about a unique project. Although agriculture has lost its place as the largest economic sector in developed countries, it continues to play a key role in our daily lives. The world food industry is still a highly profitable and dynamic sector, one of the distinguishing features of which is its historical openness to innovation. Among these innovations is not only the introduction of new techniques and technologies, but also the growing diversity in terms of place and methods of growing food. Changes in consumer habits and technological innovations have led to a boom in related areas of organic farming and urban farming. Another related area closely related to agricultural innovation is the hemp industry, which is also booming with the gradual process of its legalization in a number of us States and other regions.

The crypto industry also has significant synergetic potential with high-tech agriculture. Both sectors are characterized by an interest in innovation and decentralization aimed at creating new economic opportunities for small entrepreneurs. It is no accident that bitcoin miners began to use excess heat from their equipment for growing products. The target audience of growboxes strongly intersects with the target audience of cryptocurrencies. Given these facts, it is not surprising that AgroTechFarm has turned to the crypto industry in search of sources of funding for a new project for the production of smart farms.

What products offers AgroTechFarm?
The equipment of the company AgroTechFarm is available in several versions, but the General principle they have one. A smart farm about the size of a Cabinet will allow its owner to monitor and control all sides of its microclimate, from the supply of water and air to light and temperature, in order to create ideal conditions for the cultivation of a particular plant species. The equipment will make possible a full simulation of specific climatic conditions and time of the day. All that will be required from the user is to provide the supply of electricity and water, as well as grains and nutrients (the composition of which can also be controlled). The Bay and the water drain can be automated, as well as the whole control process, carried out in accordance with the specified program. Users will be able to choose one of the standard programs for growing the most popular plants, make changes to them or create their own program with the help of an interactive guide. Management and tracking over the smart farm can be carried out both through the built-in touch screen and at any distance using a mobile application or a computer program. Sophisticated sensors will provide users with detailed information about the state of the microclimate and at the same time allow the device to adjust its operation to the size of the plant and other changing conditions.

The company offers different options for devices for home and business. The main difference is in size. ATF Basic will allow businesses to grow plants on an industrial scale. Also will be different from each other farm for tall and short plants. One type of device will be designed to grow different types of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and hemp, while the other is designed for cherries, cherry tomatoes, salads and medicinal herbs. At some point, a blockchain will be added to the software, which will be used to make the recording of sensor data immutable and transparent. The level of control over the farm will depend on the level of the user, although the basic features will be available to all. When switching to the advanced version, the user will have access to additional programs and the ability to communicate with other users.

ATF token holders will receive significant discounts for the purchase of equipment and materials for agriculture. AgroTechFarm will recommend using its device suppliers to offer the same discount grocery stores that use ATF in the payment. However, while the payment of the cryptocurrency will not become the General rule, end users will be paying for these same products in conventional money. AgroTechFarm also plans to develop additional applications to create a decentralized food market based on the "food for tokens"model. The company will provide a two-year warranty on each ATF Basic smart farm and sell it complete with the required amount of nutrients for one year of operation.

Who needs will come in handy devices AgroTechFarm?
AgroTechFarm assumes that the demand for smart farms will come from many different types of users with different goals. The basic scenario is to grow products at home for yourself or for sale by ordinary users who will not need to have special knowledge to use standard programs. Meanwhile, more experienced gardeners will be able to make their own parameters for growing more exotic products. Smart farms will also be in demand in the artisanal hemp industry. Ordinary consumers will benefit indirectly from large amounts of fresh, organic food on the market at low prices, especially after the final design of the food supply chain.

There are other options. So, restaurants and hotels will win a lot, having the opportunity to produce fresh food on its territory. Hospitals and pharmacies will be able to grow medical marijuana. Laboratories and educational institutions, in any way related to the study of biology or agricultural Sciences, will be able to use an increased degree of control and tracking in AgroTechFarm devices for scientific and educational purposes. "Home" agriculture on an industrial scale can form the basis of entire companies. Humanitarian or governmental organizations will be able to use the same opportunity to address critical food supply problems.

What are the benefits of the company and its AgroTechFarm project?
AgroTechFarm company has been working in the high-tech agriculture industry since 2012 and has a high degree of familiarity with this sphere. Its advanced methods of growing plants were tested at the CleanTech Russia 2014 conference at the SKOLKOVO Innovation center. This experience has been successfully applied in the work on smart farms. The company received several patents and created a prototype of the ATF Basic home appliance. Work on ATF Basic is also approaching the prototype stage. Recently, a successful test of its unique adaptive light system was conducted. Thus, the company will be able to complete the project regardless of the ICO results.

Smart farms have a number of advantages over other farming methods in terms of their users. They are much easier and more flexible to use, can be placed anywhere and controlled from anywhere, and do not depend on uncontrolled weather and soil conditions (soil they do not need in principle). Farms can be optimized to produce much more quantity and quality products. An accurate record of the conditions under which a product was grown will be invaluable to businesses and individuals wishing to prove the organic status of their goods (especially after this record is switched to blockchain). Given the General enthusiasm for organic farming, AgroTechFarm has a good chance of gaining broad support and some of its features are already visible. The key role here is played by the activity of the team in terms of relations with their potential investors, which has already won the goodwill of the community.

Token sale details

Crowdfunding of the fourth agricultural revolution
The third agricultural revolution, also known as the green revolution, changed the face of agriculture in the second half of the 20th century. It was caused by the rapid growth of the world population. This growth continues now, when the green revolution has faced problems such as soil depletion and growing rejection of genetically modified products. Organic farming is now a popular trend, but it will not be able to meet the growing demand for fresh food without the help of advanced technology. Interest in such technologies is also spurred by the growth of the hemp industry. Although the cultivation and use of cannabis is still prohibited in most jurisdictions, the level of hype around the industry can greatly help any related project.

The AgroTechFarm project is part of what is sometimes referred to as the fourth agricultural revolution, in which technical and social changes make it possible to grow small-scale, environmentally sustainable food and other products. This is not only a vital necessity, but also a great opportunity for small producers to start playing a larger role in global agriculture. Thus, this project is very timely. Of course, support of any startup carries certain risks. But AgroTechFarm already has a practically finished product and a large market niche with a small number of real competitors that can fully respond to its challenge. Compared to many other ICOS, AgroTechFarm can be considered a relatively safe and at the same time a winning option. If successful at this stage, the company will have great opportunities for further growth.



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