Welcome my dear readers. Today I have prepared for you a review of the new project.Now we just can not imagine my life without the Internet. Communication with any part of the world, unlimited opportunities for communication of people from different countries, transfer of information instantly and over great distances – all this would seem unthinkable to the man of the last century and at the same time so ordinary for us. New technologies have completely changed our lives, and even the very psychology of people – not always for the better, but certainly irrevocably. We have entered a new era of technological progress.

But the new era is fraught with new dangers, one of which is already quite accurately identified itself. Hacking attacks and hacking of users ' data around the world are a real scourge of the modern network. Criminals can steal any data that is only posted on the Internet. Even the sites of the state institution, well protected and reliable, sometimes hacked, and there were cases of penetration of hackers and the Pentagon. It's scary to think what would happen if one day someone remotely could hack into and launch nuclear missiles ... It's absolutely clear that the world needs new, reliable and simple security algorithms that will protect our personal data and secrets. And it seems just now the Elysian project is able to give us this.

The main idea of the project and its development plans
The main problem of today's computer protection-it is static. That is, programs and anti-viruses do not change depending on the situation, remaining the same as they were programmed. And as you know, everything that a person has closed, another person can open-this applies including personal data, passwords and even financial means in electronic accounts.

The problem is not really new-hackers appeared with computers, but given the current level of computerization of the world, this threat is becoming more widespread. If earlier computer hacking meant only an annoying trouble, now it takes a completely different turn. After all, through e-mail attackers will be able to obtain data of your social networks, passwords to various sites, browsing history and even access to a Bank card. The same thing with viruses-their first generation only slowed the computer, and now they can erase data, destroy the operating system or even mine cryptocurrencies!

Blockchain technology has given us hope for reliable protection from any hacking, but alas – still too unfinished Recent hacks cryptocurrency exchanges have shown that hackers are quite adapted to new technologies and begin to use them for their own purposes, stealing millions of dollars from the accounts of users.

Elysian is trying to combine the old technology of protection and the blockchain, using their most efficient and economical manner. These algorithms will be available to fans critobulus, and just people who want to protect their data from any penetration. As a result, the Elysian project can not only spread around the world, but also greatly improve the reliability of tokens, which will give impetus to the entire digital market.

The concept of the Elysian Protocol has been carefully worked out – after all, the developers have been working on it since the beginning of 2017, when the idea of such a platform was born. The team is not in a hurry - they will not have any projects submitted next year after the start of development. In 2018, Elysian will launch its wallet on personal computers of all operating systems and mobile applications, and only in the autumn of next year will the official start of the entire project. But at the moment there is already quite an impressive MVP.

Details of sale of tokens and other things
The sale of tokens at Elysian is difficult-but in a good sense of the word. Just such a system is very unusual for such projects. All ICO passes in three stages, each of which must collect a certain amount. The token is inexpensive, only 12 cents, and is based on Ethereum and the well-known ERC20 Protocol. At the start of sales, all participants were available a bonus of 33 percent, later it fell to 16. The project has already collected more than 7 million dollars, but this is not the limit – the developers believe that they are able to attract capital to the sum of 19 million. This is not a record, but quite decent even for large platforms. The team leaves only 10 percent of the tokens for itself-a little against the background of some other ICO. Most likely this is due to the high partner bonus that Elysian provides to users.

The project team and personal opinion about the prospects of Elysian
Of course, such a complex and includes many components of the project as Elysian can not do without competent and talented programmers. The development team consists of more than 20 specialists in their field of computer industry. CEO Leo ameri worked on complex blockchain projects back in 2014, and most of the employees are graduates of the best universities in America. In General, the professionalism and competence of the team can not be doubted.

Elysian has not provided anything new – but it is trying to harmoniously and reliably combine all the already known that very few succeed. Apart from everything else, you can not use blockchain technology, the same applies to modern programs of protection against hacking. They must be woven together and ensure the computer security of the world. Will Elysian to realize their ambitious plans – we'll see, but to observe project is definitely worth it.

Project information:
Website: https://elycoin.io/
Whitepaper: https://elycoin.io/whitepaper/english
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElysianxELY/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Elysian_ELY
Telegram: https://t.me/elysian_ely
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3333050.msg34852238#msg34852238

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