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The MIB project is the future of mining

Modern technologies allow the mining of digital coins (mining) for every person, but this requires at least a personal computer and a powerful video card, which will lead to investments. In addition, mining will spend electricity, which will only increase overall costs. All these problems gave rise to reflections on how to combine mining and technologies available to each person. Hence the idea of the possibility to engage in the extraction of digital money with the help of a smartphone. It seems to me that this is just a great idea! Since a mobile phone is now available to any person and, most importantly, it is always at hand, which cannot be said, say, about a computer. The idea of creating an affordable opportunity for mining using a Smartphone belongs to the MIB project.

MIB stands for MOBILE Integrated Blockchain. MIB is a protocol-type coin that controls cellular-based e-systems, but which can be developed and applied to an ecosystem that is different from mobile. The idea of MIB is simply unique, as for mining now no expensive equipment, processor, graphics card or device ASIC and GPU are required. The MIB team brings to your attention MIB Coin, which provides opportunities for mining using a mobile device through the innovative Smartch blockchain platform.

Another important advantage of the MIB project is that now the electricity will be spent approximately $ 10 per year, given that the Smartphone will work 24 hours a day. If you compare with the amount of energy consumed by a mining farm and even a personal computer, the cost of electricity in this case looks ridiculous. In addition to economy and accessibility, this type of mobile mining will not cause any harm to the environment. This project is perfectly suitable for those regions where electricity generation is unstable, for example, in Central Asia, Africa, South America and South-East Asia. This project will also be economically beneficial to those regions where mining is developed on an industrial scale.

Thanks to the MIB, the opportunity to engage in mining is now a quick and easy task, and this can be done using iOS or Android Smartphone. After accessing the application store via a wireless network and downloading Smart Miner, the mining can begin immediately. The Mining Monitor application can monitor the production process. The application can also store, send and receive a MIB coin. The power of the Smartphone processor is enough to deal with mining.

MIB in its work uses Blockchain technology and creates the Mobile Smart X Blockchain platform. The architecture of the Mobile Smart X Blockchain platform is as follows:

  1. Combination using headers, nonce and SHA3 algorithms
  2. Create a Smart pg-block that mutates DAG
  3. By combining Smart pg created in Mix, you create a mix and repeat to create 32 mixes
  4. If the Mix digest is small or equal to the target threshold, notify the current Nonce in the blockchain network, otherwise start again as a new nonce.

The plan for further development of the MIB can be divided into 6 stages:

  1. The technology of blockchain. Here, solutions are created for various tasks in the development and application of blocking technology and the creation of distributed networks operating independently of each other.
  2. Synthesis of the Blockchain platform with mobile devices. This is the Mobile Smart X Blockchain platform.
  3. Directly himself mining MIB coins
  4. Realistic token, based on mib-coins (dapp). This is the most important stage, giving impetus for further development.
  5. Hardware (hardware and software).
  6. Real blockchain business (exchanges, mobile bank, lottery biz).

Coin distribution plan MIB

The plan for the distribution of money invested in the project as an investment

Summarizing all of the above, we can draw the following conclusion: The MIB project is very promising and in its idea is advanced. The MIB project provides an opportunity for every person to engage in mining, using only their own phone. The power of the processor of your phone will be enough for mining. This has great advantages: first, you will not need to buy special expensive equipment for a mining farm (computer equipment, powerful video cards); secondly, you will spend an insignificant amount of electricity; thirdly, you will not pollute the environment in any way. Is not it awesome? You just think that today the extraction of digital coins takes away just a huge amount of electricity, in addition, there is a colossal pollution of the environment. Therefore, the mining industry is slowly beginning to rebuild in the direction of saving electricity and a more careful attitude to nature, and the advanced MIB project is a confirmation. You can start mining together with the MIB project today!

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