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The world of crypto currency is very extensive and it gives today very great opportunities for the development of technology. Today I will tell you, dear readers, about the possibility of earning money in the world of crypto currency. To date, there are several ways of earning, each of which has its pros and cons. So, here they are:

  1. Mining - extraction of digital coins with the help of special equipment.
  2. Investing money in prospective ICO projects.
  3. Investing in the crypto currency.
  4. Trading on crypto-exchange exchanges.
  5. Participation in Bounty-campaigns.

I have listed the main five types of earnings in the world of crypto currency. If you take the first four, the main disadvantage of them is the need to invest money, respectively, there is a risk of losing this money. As for participation in bounty-campaigns, the big plus of this type of income is that here you do not need to invest your money, the only thing you need to invest here is your time. We will talk more about this kind of earnings.

So, the Bounty-campaign, in simple words, is an advertising campaign for a new crypto currency project. Its goal is to increase the popularity of the project in the world of crypto-currencies. For this, various forums, social networks, websites, blogs and others are used. People who take part in the company's bounty will receive free digital coins or tokens for free. The ICO project always pawns a certain percentage of tokens in order to reward members of the bounty-campaign.

In order for earnings in Bounty-campaigns to periodically perform certain actions more informative nature of the advertising direction. For example:

  1. Make reposts and retweets from the official page of the project in their social networking accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter, leave comments, posts.
  2. Connect to the Telegram group, leave comments, and communicate with other participants.
  3. Promotion of the project on forums such as Bitcointalk and others.
  4. Sending letters by e-mail
  5. Translation of project technical documents into different languages.
  6. Writing articles about the project and posting them on your blog.
  7. Record the video review of the project.

In fact, such tasks of an advertising nature can be much more, I just listed the main ones. All these listed tasks have different complexity of implementation, on this depends the value of the reward. For example, the most well-paid assignments are translations of technical documents, writing articles, video review. The simplest tasks, of course, are reposts and retweets in social networks, these tasks also have an appropriate reward.

At first glance, everything looks very simple: search the Internet for various bounty-campaigns and perform their tasks. However, there are also pitfalls. First, now the number of new projects is growing every day, and not each of them is promising, they simply cannot collect enough money for a good reward, and just to run; Secondly, many bounty-campaigns are forced to make daily reports on the work done, and if for some reason you do not do something and forget to do, you will lose your reward, and no one will return the time spent to you; thirdly, there are bounty-campaigns with a very complicated registration, which you have to spend a very long time to sort out. Fortunately, there is a team of professionals who created a wonderful project that greatly facilitated participation in bounty-campaigns. The name of this project is Bounty Hunters.

Bounty Hunters is an automated marketing platform that allows advertisers and performers to work directly, ensuring honesty and openness of transactions. Bounty Hunters has a lot of advantages, here are the main ones:

  1. The platform itself is engaged in selecting prospective bounty-campaigns, you do not need to engage in independent search.
  2. Bounty Hunters gives guarantees of getting tokens for the work done, because for this purpose the platform freezes the tokens of the advertiser ICO before the beginning of the bounty-campaign, and after it finishes it transfers the earned tokens.
  3. The platform does not require any reporting on the work done, it is enough only to perform tasks for very simple and understandable instructions.
  4. Bounty Hunters has a very easy-to-use and intuitive interface, registration does not take much time, everything is simple.
  5. Increase ROI and conversion rates within the sales sequence.
  6. Immediately one can see how much money a given project allocates to a bounty-campaign. Shows the cost of remuneration for the done tasks and the timing of the start and end of the company's bounty.
  7. For advertisers ICO, the project provides a large number of proven bounty-campaign executors and various specialists.
  8. Trust. Bounty Hunters are trusted by more than 22 thousand hunters engaged in advertising various projects. The platform completed 30 ICO projects and paid approximately $ 1.5 million.

Next, I'll show you what a comfortable Bounty Hunters platform looks like.

If we sum up all of the above, then we can conclude that today the world of crypto currency gives unlimited opportunities for your future. You get the opportunity to earn big money without leaving home and without investments, if you talk about participating in bounty-campaigns. It will help you to start earning the project Bounty Hunters. Bounty Hunters is an amazing project, which simply has no shortcomings. Even if they do, the team of professionals always works to improve the service and work of their project. Bounty Hunters does all the main work for you: looking for promising projects, guarantees payments for the work done, does not require any reporting and has made its interface very understandable and simple, which even a child can understand. You just have to join this wonderful project and start earning! Welcome to Bounty Hunters!

If you want to know more information about this project, please follow the links below:
Website: https://bountyhunters.io

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bountyhunters.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iBountyhunters

Telegram group: https://t.me/icoreward
White paper: https://bountyhunters.io/files/whitepaper.pdf
My bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2089995

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