The real estate market is one of the oldest in the world. The real estate includes land and those objects that are located in these areas: buildings, structures, construction sites. The real estate market is a collection of participants and transactions (buying, selling, renting), performed between them. Participants in the transaction can be buyers, sellers, real estate agents, realtors, regulators and others. In the real estate industry, huge money is spinning, according to experts, the global real estate market is worth about 217 trillion US dollars. However, despite these huge opportunities and development prospects, the real estate market has a number of shortcomings, here they are: obsolete technologies (still using paper documents); mainly unilateral control by the state; lack of transparency of transactions (the nature of transactions on the market is often confidential, which may lead to a lack of information about the market as a whole); language and financial barriers (frequent changes in exchange rates can greatly affect the value of real estate); Investments in real estate are often illiquid. To solve such problems and modernize one of the oldest branches of the world economy, the Dominium platform was created.

Dominium is a multilingual real estate platform that uses Blockchain technology in the interests of real estate market participants: architects, construction companies, financiers, investors, owners. The Dominium project seeks to create a single, decentralized, regulated market that will unite all activities related to real estate. Dominium was developed and continues to grow and develop under the close attention of a team of professionals. The project has hundreds of millions of assets in the form of various portfolios of real estate, parent companies and various funds. Using Blockchain technology as a whole simplifies the real estate ecosystem, this allows market participants to reliably and efficiently exchange data and money. As a result, information becomes more accessible, the need for intermediaries disappears and the risk of fraud is reduced. The platform is built on Childchain, which decentralizes trade in assets and places lease agreements, agreements on the purchase and sale of real estate and so on. This allows different companies to create regulatory assets, which can later be purchased by Dominium account holders.

Dominium's service offers two platforms. The first platform is intended for investment in real estate. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that now the problem of the complexity of entering the investment market is being solved. If earlier you needed to have a large amount of money, then thanks to Dominium investors can start participating in the investment market for just one share or a company token. Tell me, is not this a great opportunity? The second platform, thanks to Blockchain technology, provides transparency, allowing property owners and professionals to manage their properties and have access to information on the real estate market in general.

Dominium does not go beyond the scope of governmental acts, therefore, the requirements for verification on the company's website are very serious. To register on the platform, the participant needs to go through several stages of checks, starting with checking the mobile phone and e-mail, ending with identification of the passport data on the photo, bank account data. And for the registration of company data, you need its registration document with the number, contact information.

A few words about the Dominium tokens. DOM tokens will be used to pay for activities within the platform, namely the creation of assets and trade in these assets, the registration of a lease and purchase and sale agreements and others.
Distribution of Dominium tokens

Project structure

Project roadmap

Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that the company Dominium is very promising, because it is related to real estate. And, as you know, the real estate market is one of the oldest in the world, but which will always be relevant, because with the growth of cities people will always build new real estate objects. Moreover, the Dominium Project offers solutions to very topical real estate market problems, these are the problems: language and financial barriers, transaction confidentiality, tight and unilateral control by government agencies, difficult entry to the real estate market and many others. The Dominium project also seeks to create a decentralized and regulated market that unites all types of real estate activities. What makes Dominium unique is that the Project provides an opportunity for every person to invest without a large sum of money. Do not miss this great opportunity to become rich! Welcome to Dominium!

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