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Currency exchange LIQNET

The emergence of the crypto currency is a kind of revolution in market relations. The development of trade in crypto currency has led to the creation of various trading platforms and platforms, whose daily turnover can reach several hundred million dollars. However, the emergence of a large number of trading platforms gave rise to a liquidity problem. Liquidity is the ability to sell assets at a market price or close to a market price. In other words, liquidity implies the ability to quickly and without loss transfer assets into monetary terms.
To date, an asset with high liquidity is a different currency. This is due to the fact that even when the transaction is performed on very large amounts, there are no sharp fluctuations in quotations on the exchange. The situation with the crypto currency is quite different. The execution of large transactions with Crypto currency has a serious impact on the change in quotations, so the Crypto currency has low liquidity.
Now there are many stock exchanges for trade and exchange of crypto currency. However, on a certain exchange, there may simply not be enough coins to make a major transaction, which could lead to the buyer being forced to pay approximately 10% more than originally planned.

The unique LIQNET project is able to solve the liquidity problem. LIQNET is a crypto currency exchange that allows you to combine liquidity from various platforms and solve the problem of spreading users, their trading requests and orders, thus forming a single book of orders with the best depth of the market and the best prices for both private and corporate customers.

The LIQNET exchange has a unique tool - LEN (Liquidity Exchange Network), which increases liquidity and allows customers to merge orders from various platforms from around the world and combine them into a single order pool. With the help of the LEN tool, users will be able to make transactions at favorable prices with minimal dispersion. Given that existing exchanges cannot solve the problem of dividing liquidity between sites, LIQNET offers a very topical solution to this problem.
The project has no direct competitors. If we talk about classic crypto-exchange exchanges, then LEN connects to them through open APIs, and through them trade operations, increasing the turnover of the exchange itself and paying a commission for each transaction.
The LIQNET server platform is a private cloud that consists of physical servers in multiple locations and client terminals. All of them have passed long and thorough tests and have a high level of safety.

The LIQNET project attracts investments using the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) method, issuing its own token called "LEN". The Token is characterized by limited emissions with zero inflation and corresponds to the widespread ERC20 standard and is issued in cooperation with Como Capital, the author of a special smart contract SmartEscrow ™, displaying data on the distribution of tokens. The target amount of attraction within the ICO is from $ 20 million to $ 50 million. Tokens can be purchased using the currencies Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Waves. At registration each new user receives a special purse for Ethereum (ETH), in which it is possible to contribute funds in currencies. All currencies are converted to Ethereum. The user independently changes ETH to the tokens, which he receives from his wallet in the Investor's Cabinet. After the completion of the ICO, the user can withdraw tokens from the purse in the Investor's Cabinet to a personal purse. If $ 50 million is collected (assuming that all tokens will be sold in the first three days), 6,374,603 tokens will be issued. Depending on the volume of the investments, the LEN tokens will be distributed as follows: 93.56% - ICO-investors; 0,94% - closed sale; 2% - bounty campaign; 3,5% are advisers.
Other advantages of LIQNET:
Desktop applications (own desktop application, MultiSharts, TradingView and MT5); Fully functional mobile trading applications for Android and iOS;
The project of online purse, which allows you to exchange crypto-converters and fix money with the click of a button. In addition, it has an easy service for crypto-currency investments with free and paid built-in strategies; Acquisition of services for receiving payments in crypto-currencies, which gives sellers many opportunities and protects against many risks.
The rating agency for the valuation of digital assets DigRate ( carried out analysis of the LIQNET project. According to the results of the examination, the project received an A2 rating, which means high quality. Experts see the potential for development and the opportunity to generate income from long-term investments. Hence it can be concluded that ICO LIQNET is a good option for investors who can enter the market and cryptoexchange services through a ready-made project.

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