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Bitminer Factory is a revolution in mining

Modern technologies are constantly evolving, and today any person on the planet can take up the extraction of resources. Of course, we are not talking about the extraction of minerals from the depths of the Earth, what usually only state corporations do. We are talking about the possibility of mining digital money or, in other words, about mining. In a more difficult scientific language, mining is a complex computational operation whose purpose is to select a value or, in other words, a hash. This is a kind of key to the emergence of another block of crypto-currency, which includes an encrypted signature. A chain of such blocks is called blocking. The entire process is automated and is done using a computer and additional equipment. Therefore, anyone can get the crypto currency today without leaving home. However, you will not be able to earn or "get" a lot of digital money here. For good mining you need good equipment, in particular powerful video cards, which are by no means cheap. However, the most profitable type of mining is the construction of a farm. A farm is a computer complex consisting of a set of video cards and modules located in one place. However, the reverse side of the coin is that the mining farm is an expensive enterprise and, in addition, consumes a lot of electricity. Therefore, a team of specialists from Bitminer Factory started to solve this and other problems.

Bitminer Factory is a combination of mobile mining farms equipped with renewable energy sources. Bitminer Factory is a start-up from Angeli's group. The idea of creating this project was born in November 2016. After a long and hard work, the project was launched in April this year. Bitminer Factory is the largest Italian mining company. Using the opportunities of renewable energy sources, Bitminer Factory is on the wave of new innovations, as, according to many experts, the future of the mining industry is behind renewable energy sources. At the initial stage, Bitminer Factory was set up to produce some of the most promising digital coins: BTC, ETH, BMF.

To create a mining farm, Bitminer Factory's developers and specialists used containers of different capacities. One of them is Gigapod with a total capacity of 5000 video cards (GPU or ASIC) and a Mobile Mining Unit (MMU) with a capacity of 300 pieces of equipment. The farm has a mobile base, which allows you to transfer, if necessary, all the equipment to another location. Also in the basis of the farm there is a cooling system that allows to keep the workflow of all video cards in an optimal state. In addition, these containers have special sensors, through which experts can monitor the state of each unit of technology and quickly respond to situations that cause deviations.

The idea of using renewable energy sources, as mentioned earlier, is advanced. If we take traditional types of electricity, then we will see thermal power plants that use natural resources like fuel, such as coal, oil, gas and others. When burning natural resources, a large amount of energy is allocated, but this is related to the problem of ecology, since the thermal power plants release a huge amount of harmful substances into the atmosphere, thereby polluting the environment. And the second significant drawback is that traditional thermal power plants use natural resources, and they are known to be depleted and sometimes irreplaceable. Another type of energy production is a hydroelectric power station. They practically do not harm the environment, but they require a lot of water. Therefore, hydroelectric power plants are built on large rivers or reservoirs. Energy can also be obtained from nuclear power plants, but the construction of such power plants is costly. In addition, the history knows the cases, to what terrible consequences for the environment and man are accidents at nuclear power plants.

Therefore, the Bitminer Factory team, in order to protect the environment from pollution and save natural resources, decided to use renewable energy sources and energy received from hydroelectric power plants and plants receiving energy from the sun's rays. This approach will reduce costs. A surplus of energy can be sold to local power plants.

To implement and promote their project, as well as scaling, the Bitminer Factory team used blockchain technology and developed a BMF token with the help of which anyone can purchase a Gigapod or MMU mining farm, mentioned earlier.

Here's how the distribution plan for tokens looks:

If we summarize all of the above, then we can say that the project of the Bitminer Factory team is very promising and deserving of your attention! Bitminer Factory uses renewable energy sources in its work, which, according to experts, is the future in the mining industry. And no less important, the Bitminer Factory team cares about the environment.

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